DAY ONE Holy crap I’m so healthy – I just bought all this fruit, and tubs of greens – I’m going to have a salad every day and like fruit for every snack! DAY TWO Ok I’ll just eat the berries, they go bad first anyways… DAY THREE Hmmm, tomatoes look kinda sketchy now, I should eat them up. How do I eat 4 tomatoes today without having to cook? I hate to

cook. DAY FOUR FUCK! I forgot about that spinach – better open it and have a salad…I hate salads…gah I hate tomatoes now too. DAY FIVE *Throws out a bunch of berries due to mold & most of rotten greens…left with grapes. Ugh grapes…better pair them with brie, bread and salami, that’s healthy right? Four food groups type thing. Oh and wine too. Can’t have brie without wine… DAY SIX Ok, time to eat up this stuff. Shit! I forgot about the pears. God dammit they’re all ripe now, now I have to eat 3 pears for lunch. *eats pear filled lunch* Fucking hate pears now. DAY SEVEN Thank god tomorrow is grocery day…I need to start eating healthy… flakes-every-day-til-youre-dead