So as my last official ‘work’ day of 2013 comes to an end – sniff – I thought I would write a little shout out to those who have supported me this past year in all my crazy craziness. It’s been a weird year, some great things, some crappy things, but at the end of it, we are all still here and for that I THANK YOU WORLD!

I’m trying to remember back to January, but it seems so far away. The furthest I can recall is my trip to the Bahamas and that was a blur of kaliks, vodka and spongebob squarepants episodes.

The summer was super busy landing on various cottages of whom I appreciate the invites implicitly, even though they are still huge shit shows with all the kids running rampant. We didn’t get to PEI this summer sadly, but Jules and Gavin came down for potato fest which I’m still apologizing to Julie for – my saviour at the beer tent! I won’t soon forget the two boys who clearly were not old enough, but ‘just’ tall enough to scam the carnies into letting them ride the Orbit…not safe.

This summer was THE summer for Chad’s pool (according to Finn), therefore I am continually grateful for my incredible neighbours…oh and their pool.

I want to send a special Thank You to my wonderful clients who are so patient with my motherly hiccups, and who make my job so very awesome. I sometimes look at my life and think – how the crap did you manage this? I adore you all, and I love that we can make the most amazing designs together :) It’s always a team effort and I have the greatest team – boo ya to us!

To my beautiful sister who is now MARRIED!!!! Welcome Craig and Ciara into the crap show that is our family :) Again, sooooorrrrrry my dog pooped all over your wedding chalet…

To my wonderful mom who got dealt the big ‘C’ this winter, you are a super hero, we are all standing at the sidelines cheering you forward, and make no mistake, you will beat this sucker, and then it’s Vegas baby! (love you xoxo) Oh and Hi Dad, although I don’t think you read this…but if you do, I love you too!

To my Dog…thanks for pooping on Laurie’s wedding…thanks for getting an ear hematoma, joint problems and lord knows what else. I do love you, therefore I will keep you. Although you can’t navigate google, so why am I talking about you?

To the beast and my funny boy. Someday you will learn that I wrote about all your stupid adventures on Twitter, and you will hate me, but I did it with the best of intentions…I promise. It’ll be a great book one day you have to admit.

To Troy, who supported me through everything, unwavering, always my rock. I thank you for letting me write for hours in November, for reading my book and saying you liked it :), for making me laugh, for giving me all your money, for thinking that a case of beer is completely normal to have in the middle of a bedroom floor, for letting me make fun of your overt use of exclamation! marks! on Twitter!, for drinking wine with me when days were shitty, for NEVER picking up your underwear, for reminding me that it’s my choice to stay home with the kids and work part time, for…wait, I may need to re-think some of these. Thank you for being my best friend and ally against the children! xoxo

And finally to all the people I can’t mention in this post cause then it would get sooooooo boring, you know who you are and I love you too!

Enjoy the season everyone! (assuming you don’t hate it as much as I do, and assuming you aren’t sick either, which I’m just waiting for one of us to kick start the Hogan puke/shit fest that ALWAYS happens)

Crack the wine and start the continual holiday buzz of survival! xoxox


Thank You //