I know my Mom will be reading this as she complained that I shouldn’t blog about her – but she is such a huge part of my life – how could I not?! So Sorry Mom, I love you dearly, but I have to share :)

Last week the old gal came on the train to see me…well to see the kids really, and she was such a trooper getting on and off the trains all by herself for the first time so I was super proud of her. Plus let me preface as well that my Mom is awesome with the kids; supremely helpful around the house and it is great when she visits. Does anyone sense a ‘But’ here? Certainly not! However…

My Mom is a talker. She loves to talk. All day. All day long. During shows. When I am reading. When I am working. God dammit that woman can gab! When I tease her (which is hourly) she claims that I talk as much as her, especially when I have had a few, which she most definitely likes to point out that I have a few too many, far too often :) So when she got here I realized this is a blog goldmine and whenever she said something kooky, I popped it up onto the kitchen chalkboard for this post. Every time I ran for the chalk she laughed and begged me not to facebook THAT! I won’t preface the quotes, except for maybe one, as they are just funny out of context and anyone who knows Sheila will enjoy it :)

“Sorry Finn, I can’t cuddle with you right now, I’ll mess my hair.”

“Why would I read in bed when I’m sleeping?”

Me: “Mom! That’s like three servings of pasta!” Mom: “Not MY three servings.”

“I think Troy tied Wren’s shoes so tight she lost circulation.”

“Morphine makes you constipated. Imagine how the drug dealers feel?” (my personal favourite)

Mom: “Wanna save the shit soap?” Me: “No!” Mom: “You guys are so wasteful.”

This last one will make more sense in knowing that Finn had major constipation over the weekend (TMI I know) and we ended up listening to Sheila’s advice to take a sliver of soap and shove it up Finn’s butt for a few seconds. Apparently it makes you poop…and boy did it ever. Enough said. But now you can re-read that last quote and it will be even funnier.

me and me mom

Left: Taken many years ago I think, when they lived in PEI. Middle: A quick shot while we BOTH were drinking, last fall. Right: The famous quotes.