1168 kms driven by myself with a 5 year old

N/A number of questions I fielded from a 5 year old stuck in a car with me (I can’t publish that number, it’s gross)

2 billion episodes of dinosaur king watched

2 billion roars from Finn each time the opening sequence rocks out

1 brilliant mom finishing her 7 weeks of radiation treatments! WHOOP!

1 ‘special friend’ art project unearthed at my mom’s, made by Troy to me about 20 years ago

2 hours spent making fun of Troy over said art project…priceless!

1 trip to a ski village

0 times skiing

3 times apres-ski hot tubbing

6 kids under 8 left in the care of 3 questionable moms :)

154 times Beth and I sang ‘Let it go!’ to the kids

N/A bottles of wine drank (I can’t publish that number, it’s gross)

7,000 lego master build sessions

When asked this morning what was the best part of your March Break, Finn replied: ‘Having Jack come to my house!’ Uh Finn, that didn’t actually happen. His deflated response did little to boost my resolve that indeed I showed him a good time. The moral? Kids are jerks and are back in school – YIP!