So OK, this is has been a crap week. A multitude of shit is going on but most importantly a wonderful friend of mine lost her Dad and my heart just breaks when I think of it. It has me re-evaluating life and how we take it for granted…A LOT. So I’ve decided to take this opportunity to be grateful for what I have, but also to be a little more upbeat in this post (I know, shocker), and show you some of the things I LOVE and that make me happy just by looking at them every day. Some treasures I have collected along the way, a few gifts from wonderful friends & family, and a couple are my wee guilty pleasures (can you say creepy dolls?).

You can’t put a dollar amount on life, or happiness, so let’s stop bitching (for today at least) about what we don’t have and what we feel we absolutely NEED, and be content… until I ruin it and my OCD kicks in, but you get the picture.

my loves

1. A few items here worth mentioning. The lamp I mixed and matched from various Homesense finds. LOVE the shade. Some wee fur booties – a gift for Wren. My Blythe doll that I was obsessed with years ago, and that Troy tracked down for me at a spot on Queen, surprised me with on Christmas morning, after which I bawled like a sucker in front of his family immediately making everyone uncomfortable.

2. My ikat cube from Homesense that I HAD to buy this Christmas even though I was supposed to be buying presents. Oh and my sad sick dog that I adore :(

3. The hanging creepy cat. Hmmm, so many memories with this one (right Stinka?) :). It’s been taken down by my friends during parties and had quite the scandalous photo shoot from time to time, but I love him and the designer – Magda Trzski.

4. Books. My favourite love. Reading this one again for the zillionth time. Love it.

5. Adore my Bookhou letters, a Venice print that I actually bought in Venice from some sideshow artist, and a postcard from Troy to Finn when he was in Japan last.

6. My wooden antlers – need I say more?

7. My driftwood lamp. Purchased for me by my eagle eye fleamarket coach Jo for 2 bucks. Troy painted it, I bought a new shade which took months to find, and I use it every day. You rock Jo :)

8. One of my Fluf pillows which always look awesome and is worth every single cent. Love these designer chicks.

9. What can I say about Chewy? Troys Mom graciously made this for me when I emailed her a pattern telling her how much Finn would LOVE it, but in reality it was me who wanted it. She did an incredible job and I love him! PS – Finn could care less about it and calls it a monkey.

10. Two things in Wren’s crib. A new love – her adorable mushroom quilt from Troys Mom again – so damn talented! And the first gift I bought my beast when I found out I was preggers and having a girl. Love KolKid on Queen Street.

11. A few more favs – a little chair I bought with Rosie (my second fleamarket partner) and painted, possibly in the same day I got the lamp? That was a good day up in Fenelon Falls :) The little stool – another incredible gift from, you guessed it, Rosie! And a little duck from my sister who always buys toys for the ‘kids’ meaning ‘me’. xoxo

12. Love me some chevrons on my Chapters box, a little silver cup that was Troy’s as a baby, a pitcher that I LOVE and bought at the One of a Kind show but don’t know the designer – grrrrr.

13. Finally one thing that I also love is typography. I am graphic designer by trade and love playing with all types of fonts which I have way too much time on here and wasted half the day.

That’s it folks – adios bitches!