Although it’s officially spring, the weather is making us all squirrelly with the warm day followed by freezing rain, followed by snow, followed by 12 degrees. It’s been a looooong winter and I’ve taken a much needed hiatus from my blog in order to refresh my brain and also I’m sure you noticed, my website! Basically I had some free time in January so I thought ‘heck, why not just tear down your old site and build a new one so that you can learn a whole slew of new stuff!’ I thought it would take me a week, but actually here it is April and I’m just getting things rolling. I’m still playing with it so bear with me :)

Anyways, my brain has been ruminating on a million things and writing has been one of the many. I’ve been desperate to blog as of late but with my site down, I sadly had no outlet. Now that it’s ready to go I wondered what do I write about? What has been going on? I was going to complain about my daughter and her picky eating habits that make me want to stab her ‘half eaten like a cob of corn hot dog’ into my eye but I will save that for another day. Today I want to tell you about something that we had fun with this past winter. The HYGGE!

Seeing as the weather is still yuck, what a perfect time to remain settled into your cosy houses and enjoy my newly discovered favourite thing. First let’s jump into the background of it all…

I began seeing this word on Pinterest late last year so one day I decided to investigate what the hell it was all about. What I learned first was how to say it proper. Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.

I also realized that I think I should move to Denmark…

I researched this ‘idea’ and ‘feeling’ at the perfect time, in the cold hearted depths of January when I was miserable and frozen and most of my friends had decided to stop drinking for the month and also strictly diet so what was a girl to do? Welp, I found some friends who are younger then me and didn’t care about the January detox and we embraced this concept. In my understanding it’s not a ‘thing’, it’s a feeling, a lifestyle. It embraces a decadent path, and is also something that to me means cozy experiences with friends and family. It is dimly lit dinners, long leisurely conversations over wine paired with indulgences like dessert and cosy comfy clothes. But it’s so much more then just that. That is just a jumping off point. It was everything I loved while throwing out my guilt for not joining the detox or wasting a night reading a book or leaving my house messy to just cozy up with my kids and watch a movie. I was basically embracing life and all the good things that come with it.

I used The Ryans as my testing goats (yay!) and we ended up having an amazing January! Albeit we must note that experiencing Hygge on a Sunday night is not a good idea for Monday hangovers…point well received.

This meant we didn’t just eat snacks at an island, standing about a kitchen. We had a really long, very incredible dinner over candle light while the kids shockingly played on their own paired with some really great conversations. Ones that brought us closer as friends as well as discussing subjects that were more meaningful and less fluffy like most party chat. I learned a lot about my long standing friends that I didn’t know before and I’m sure they can say the same for us.

Although it doesn’t even have to be a fancy-dancy dinner. One night we had drinks at a bar, fed the kids at the bar so we didn’t have to cook and got take out meals for the adults which we brought home so that the kids can play on their own and we sat at my dining table with candles flaming, really good music playing and lots of amazing wine and conversation. Pizza in a box can be Hygge too! No cooking, no dishes, just sitting and being present and warm and comfortable with friends. It was great.

It was something that I really needed in January with thoughts of my parents health not being so great and my desire to live life to the fullest and be as happy as I could be. I know in the new year we are supposed to take stock of our lives and perhaps adopt a nice healthy lifestyle to start fresh, but on the flip side, I felt like I truly enjoyed January for these little indulgences alone.

There are so many cool resources to learn about this lifestyle and I encourage you to take a peek at what this could mean in your own world, how you can adapt it to mean something to you and how you can enjoy life just a little bit more in spite of the fast paced world we live in. When eating over the sink can be regular occurrence, or jumping from one to-do chore to the next, or beating ourselves up for not being diligent about a work out, or eating that extra cookie. To me Hygge isn’t about perfection, it isn’t something you can buy, it’s something you can do on a Wednesday night with your spouse with a plate of incredible cheese and a bottle of wine. It can be done when you are alone, with a furry blanket some candles and a bottle of wine you don’t have to share :) I mean, they say there is a reason the Danish don’t live as long as North Americans when you boil down this concept but damn what a way to go!