It’s been so long that I actually forgot my username and password for my blog. That tells me something right there. I’ve been a wee bit busy, all good things, but busy as crap and so I thought I would reach out, say hi, make some updates on my life and hopefully write a way more interesting post next time. Um ok, what have I been doing…WORK. A wonderful woman whom I’ve worked with for a decade is launching her new cool biz, which I designed her identity for, but we are still mum on the launch so I can’t share the look but I CAN share the fact that it has been one of my most favourite logos/brand to create! She’s crazy creative and we had a ball building her brand…more to come on that. Secondly, I did a new logo for my ball team – woo hoo – yes I’m sure a lot of you are still flabbergasted (really wanted to use that word) that I still play ball. Thankfully no crying this year so far and I even got a base hit the last I played (someone had to explain what that was though). Thanks to our youngest player, we had chosen a name from a movie that we are all too old to reference, but we did it to remain young and hip (or try) and called ourselves ‘Shenanigans’. Logo of corse below…   shenanigans // Thirdly, this was a biggie, but about 20 years ago (that was mumbled into my shirt for fear of dating myself as an old broad) I got a strange and awful tattoo of a butterfly on my belly. Well after two kids and weight fluctuations, I am finally where I want to be with my body and decided to fix the sucker up. It was a labor of love choosing the right guy to do it, I went to Toronto three times (2 hr drives each way due to lovely Gardiner reconstruction) for our creative sessions in which he designed my custom tat and last Sunday I finally got inked again. I couldn’t look at all until he was done, the pain was the same as I recall, and thank the lord the appointment was only a little over an hour long, but it was so perfect. I absolutely love it, and the wheels are already turning on another one I want. I chose to go to assignment structure c Imperial tattoo on Queen and Ossington, Arthur was my guy, and he was amazing. His voice was like a radio announcer, calm and thoughtful, he was a real gentle soul, and a true artist. Although his back story suggests this is all an act – tattooing himself and all his friends at 14 was an interesting career start. Regardless, it was great. So some might care to ask what it was I got and it happens to be an Octopus in a real vintage, line drawing style. It’s fairly big, but in the words of my neighbor – WAAAY better then the butterfly, so I think it’s all good :) Imperial Tattoo // I flip flopped on the design for ever but once I chose it, there was no question, no doubt. It popped in my head and then as I look around my house I see it was right in front of me the whole time. My octo silk pillow, my octo ornament hanging from my tree branch in my bathroom, my octo necklace and then I found an octo t-shirt I totally forgot I had. Now Troy calls me Kraken… I also read a crap load of books, but perhaps I’ll save my winners for a new post… What else…let’s see…I’m about to begin two brand new website builds – one for a Toronto construction team of amazing design work, and another for a booze co. – Half Pint Artisanal ciders

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– yahoo – I feel like I’ve arrived in this world! Based from California, I have my friend Bubs to praise on the recommendation, but this is going to be so fun to create – stay tuned for the launch. I’ve done a lot of other corp work which I’m not really able to divulge, I learned a new design program on the fly spy a mobile phone free – cause SURE I can use Indesign, SURE I can design a 20 page magazine with a program I’ve never used – SURE CAN! Then the panic hits, but I managed do my homework for money to pull it out of my ass :) Then I did another wedding invite and save the date design, and had some coursework writing service real fun with color with Citrus Silver on a new website Ad campaign for her amazing jewelry. So you can see, busy as a bee, and trying desperately to complete a huge chunk before July when I am supposed to be on vacation in PEI, but it looks like I’ll be toting my laptop and working through it on the beach. I think a few clients read that and had a panic attack over me leaving, but don’t iphone spy software worry, I’m seriously going to work most of the time as it gives my in-laws all the time in the world to play with my kids, get annoyed with my kids, yell at my kids…but remember Meme, you only get them for 2 weeks a year – you will LOVE IT…maniacal laugher ensues while I sip my coffee alone working in solitude at a swanky hotel :) Alright I REALLY need to get back to work, stop tempting me wordpress with being able to write again for the first time in over a month. Peace out.