There is one thing I truly dislike on social media so I’m going to add to it, naturally…


Quotes telling you to keep calm and eat chocolate, to not trust evil kittens, I don’t know, but they’re always set against a sunset/beach/mountain/furry animal/clouds/etc… graphic like we need bunnies to feel better.

Don’t get me wrong, I guess if they speak to you and you get something from it, then hoo-ra for you. For me, I think our time would be much better spent laughing at our sad lives – yay! So I’ve decided to take some of my favorite tweets and turn them into my own version of inspirational posters.

Clicking on them brings you to their twitter feed – follow their awesomeness :)

PS. Mom: Don’t call me to let me know that I’m not funny and I should stop blogging about stupid things – I got your memo last time – thanks! Love you!

InspTweet1 InspTweet2 InspTweet3 InspTweet4 InspTweet6 InspTweet5