A very quick post as I have to pick up Finn in a few minutes but this is something that is becoming a HUGE issue in our house and I thought it best to blog it, so we won’t forget how frickin’ annoying it is. I get that in school the teachers have to ‘create’ ways for young students to express themselves without tantrums. At our school they have introduced the ‘bucket’. When you are mad at someone you tell them they ‘dumped your bucket’, when someone does something nice for you they ‘fill your bucket’. I saw this flippin’ bucket at his school filled with fluffy pom poms as an illustration for the kids on how it works and how they are supposed to utilize the expression when I went in for interviews. I almost chucked it in the garbage.

The problem is that Finn uses it all the time now and I want to take his bucket, fill it with gas and set it on fire. I won’t let him have a cookie: MOM YOU DUMPED MY BUCKET! I won’t let him on the computer: MOM YOU DUMPED MY BUCKET! The dog walks by in front of the TV obscuring Finn’s view for five seconds: CLIFFORD YOU DUMPED MY BUCKET! I am pissed. I am pissed that now I have to listen to this crappy excuse for being a ding dong.

Last night after Finn pitched a fit before going to bed, Troy came down and said he was going to throw the bucket in the garbage (but with a lot more swear words). I know it will pass. I know he’ll eventually realize that by bringing up the ‘bucket’, mom and dad lose their shit and no one wins. But it doesn’t negate the fact that I secretly want to break into the school, empty those fluffy pom pom filled buckets into the toilet and pee on them.