So upon coming back to work I’ve decided to re-vamp myself, new logo refresh, learning wordpress – hence the new site, integrating my blog life into my work life cause aren’t they all connected? It’s been a whirlwind two weeks and full of excitement on my end as I have two days a week to work now – yahoo! Wren is in daycare two days and Finn started

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JK full time which he is super jazzed about. I have to say that I am as well seeing as he’s adapted the teenager way of life already in that I have to wake him up in the mornings now – wha? Too bad Wren is stuck on 6am.

A HUGE thank you to avery swartz for assisting me on my wordpress adventures as I look very much forward to taking her camptech class in October. So much to discuss but I will sign off so I can get back to working out the site kinks and hopefully go live soon!

A pic below from FANEXPO 2012. Finn was pointing to hannibal lector as we perused the Frankenweenie exhibit. A large thank you to Troy for indulging my inner geek that day and pushing a stroller through 30,000 superfans.

Me and Finn at Fan expo