It’s rare lately that I get a chance to write a post. Not that I don’t want to, but this spring has been a kicker in terms of work projects that haven’t given me time to write a thing. That being said, I felt the need to write about this past weekend in order to preserve the memory and share the good times with ya’ll (watching too much Nashville, sorry).

Hind sight is the most amazing thing really. When Troy came home Wednesday night last week, we thought our only issue was convincing Finn that the new kitchen table would be just as good as the old.

He joked about the impending storm and that the kids would probably be home from school on Thursday. I laughed that a March storm was not going to stop me from driving them in the morning even though the buses were indeed cancelled. I mean I could have driven them I suppose, but the rain would not let up, mixed with ice and snow and I thought to myself: Self…perhaps you had better stay home today with the kids. Foresight is amazing too …

Our afternoon trip to Sobeys solidified that thought when I had to navigate a cart in a foot of slush while the ice pelted our faces, kids screaming and running wild. I also could not get the trunk open so instead piled all my goods in and around the kids in the backseat of the car. Needless to say I was more then happy when Troy was home early to save me from carting them all in by myself. He ALSO went to the liquor store on his way home, which could have enhanced my excitement.

Could have.

It’s so rare we eat early on a long weekend but for some reason we did, yay us!, and when the power flickered and ended around 6:30 we laughed as the kids strolled out to the kitchen wondering why it was dark. Power is a strange concept to kids. Wren kept flicking the light in the bathroom, WHY ISN’T THE LIGHT ON? No power. WHY IS THE TV OFF? No power. WHY IS THERE NO WI-FI? No power. The blank looks after each answer were enough for me to see that we need a lesson in the power grid.

As in any good power outage you scramble for candles and people come over to drink beer and talk about the darkness for hours. You also have to make a vat of coleslaw in the dark because for sure all your family will still come for dinner on Good Friday, so you had best be prepared.

When the ice began to pile up and the first large branch came down mere inches from the van, we thought, hmmm maybe this isn’t going to be a simple storm. Thankfully we moved the cars with Troy and our neighbour Chad narrowly escaping a giant fall out from our large maple in the front yard. It was around the time that a city worker came by to inspect said tree, that is about 3 times the size of our house, when a giant CRACK sent him scurrying away from us with a warning to stay inside!

So many drinks later, a whole family in one bed (because there is no way in hell kids will sleep in a dark room on their own), and a lone drifter that made it to our couch, we woke up to a crazy view. Our first statement being: perhaps we should have stayed sober to handle the crisis? Crazy hindsight.

We spent the day hauling branches, lost part of the fence, but really we were very lucky that our only punishment was hauling massive trees, dodging ice rocks falling on our heads while nursing a nasty hangover. The fresh air was much needed, for my head ache but also to keep the bod warm as the temp continued to drop in the house. We got power after 24 hours, which sent us bolting to the showers, but others faired day worse.

So I’d love to share my list on ‘Things I learned during Ice-Apocalypse 2016’:

  1. The kids fared better then adults with no tech – no TV to bribe kids with!
  2. The more the merrier when it comes to a community in trouble. Neighbours banded together to commiserate and haul wood, share showers, share wine and lots of pulled pork sandwiches.
  6. Our hot tub cover is a champ, losing only about a degree of heat after 24 hours – bravo beachcomber!
  7. It’s pretty sad to see all the fallen trees in town :(
  8. BBQ’s can cook ANYTHING – who needs stoves – pfft …
  9. Easter candies became a 4th food group
  10. Ice storms keep beer cold – side bonus
  11. They also keep fridge food in coolers cold
  13. The legion will continue to serve you well into a power outage before you are kicked out
  14. Zehrs doesn’t have generators – like WTF??? Unless they were giving away food for the fun of it?
  15. Our town was amazing on clean up. Yesterday the city workers showed up, chipped all our branches and also trimmed the beast tree in the front so that we could start parking in our driveway again.
  16. Fire pits are mandatory when you have as many trees as our yard.
  17. When I asked the kids how their classmates and teachers fared during the weekend, it was but a flicker on the radar of their world. They responded with a fine, and the weekend excitement was long forgotten.

So in spite of it all, my company arrived, we had great food, a lot of laughs and managed to not let the hiccups set us back. You have to blow through the bad with a smile and a shrug and worry about the clean up after all the wine has been drunk.


when we woke up … the van looks so lonely


our nifty pile …


the danger zone


our solar globe lanterns lit up the kitchen and bathroom all night


I can’t believe the lilac bush lived through it