So as many of you know, I like to reinvent myself, my brand, my website every 2 years basically as I see so much cool stuff out there and I just feel the need for speed…oh I mean, a change :) Hey…a little top gun reference never hurt anyone…

New Freshly Hatched LogoI wanted to start with a new logo that was more hand drawn but of course still incorporated a bird, more down to earth & organic and reflected a custom appeal which is what I offer my clients. I wanted to keep the fun animations but update them so that you don’t get bored coming to my site over and over again, which I am just sure you do :) The ideas I have behind the chick are simple. I want to show that the most simplest of forms can come alive using a bit of imagination…which I have plenty of!

So kick back, enjoy the site and check back soon as I get my client testimonials online…just so you can get all the dirt on what it is like working with me.

Check it out!