So as most of you know, my mom is very sick, so this means that the matriarch of the house can no longer do all the amazing things that she once did during each and every day and double (no triple) time on holidays. 

My mom was the one who decorated for every holiday – Valentines Day, St. Patty’s, Easter, I mean, no small potatoes either. For instance, she had little furry poster bunnies or leprechauns she put up on the fridge door for like 25 years, no fail. It was IMPRESSIVE, and always a constant comfort for me. I truly never appreciated her efforts spending a full 3 weeks on the Christmas trees alone when I can set up my house in 1 day.

She was the master.

It’s sad to write this because I keep thinking of all the ‘little things’ she did to make the house  feel special every time we visited. I came home to PEI one holiday to find chocolate mints on my freshly made bed at night. She NAILED it.

You’re probably thinking this is another sad post, but it actually isn’t – ha ha on you! This is actually a big Whoop Whoop! to my dad for stepping up into mom’s role and doing a dang fantastic job.

My dear old dad who never had to decorate or buy groceries or do laundry or clean the house until literally a year ago. My mom’s ability to multitask was beyond reproach and if he tried to assist he just wasn’t ‘Sheila’ level grade cleaner or decorator so he skulked down to the basement and watched the news. I felt his pain and joined him on many occasion while mom toiled and tittered and pushed us out of the kitchen if we dared step in to help.

This morning, during my daily check in report with pops he casually mentioned he unearthed the Thanksgiving decor from the basement. YES HE DID. I’m like what the what!? Some placemats and leafy things, my dad is more prepared for holidays than I am right now and for that I salute him. Consider myself schooled.

Being a caregiver is HARD. The hardest really and he’s doing his best and doing things I never thought I would see him do. So now that my dad is making me look like a schlump I realize another subplot to this post. As a mom, I will never be ‘Sheila’ level, not in a zillion years. But I can be an ok ‘Kelly’ level and for this I need to step up my freaking game.

I want my kids to write a lovely story about me when I’m no longer around about how awesome I was in making holidays special. Well, I’d settle for a bored sigh from Wren that ‘mom was sorta cool’ although I won’t hold my breath. 

So in the spirit of my dad and my mom, I am logging on to Pinterest to see what inspo I can find, try to replicate, fail miserably, complain incessantly about it, and then plop out some crappy pumpkins on the door step with a glass of wine in hand. At least I can say I tried and also the wine will make me feel less poorly about the failed (insert every Pinterest project here).

Happy decorating!

100% making this into a t-shirt for dinner…
I sorta feel like this person is a jerk because I know mine would look nothing like this.
One of the best things I ever bought was a letter banner kit so you can customize banners so yes I can achieve this!
My fall decor isn’t really fall as I want to jump right into halloween so I bought these last night and we shall see…
I kinda think this person is a jerk too because it’s obvious.
Cute AF.
Anything painted gold and with Finn’s name on it is ok by me.
Maybe a jerk, I’m not sure until I try to make it.
This rug is sorta the most insanely gorgeous and unpractical item to put on a front porch where muddy shoes walk…
I support this!