Alright, I went dark, I admit, I didn’t look at a single work email, I visited friends and family, I drank way too much wine and I will begrudgingly admit… I enjoyed Christmas. There I said it. I didn’t enjoy all of it. Obviously I got sick, but my kids were healthy and no one barfed so I consider that a supreme win for the Hogan clan.

My kids were WIRED. Practically vibrating, which is super annoying, but we all managed to not kill one another or get a divorce…yet. I’ll whip up this post with a few highlights of the last few weeks before I delve back to work, back into the frickin’ -23 weather day, and back to SCHOOOOOLLLLLLL for the kids!!!!!

Fun Old Fashioned Hogan Christmas//

Finn counted 43 Santa’s in my moms house…wait that was only in her kitchen.

We watched home videos in which I realize that in 1998 I was indeed an ugly butch with the WORST fashion sense.

My mom has saved all my old barbie stuff and organized it before we arrived sending my sis and I down memory lane as we sifted through the insane about of crap we had…I’m talking Barbie Gym with a trampoline, a Barbie Boutique with shopping bags and credit cards, and my personal fav Barbie McDicks with actual big macs, shakes and cutlery!

We tried to go healthy at the Enroute by ordering sandwiches and cheese and nuts instead of Burger King and it cost us 58.00 for lunch. 58 fucking dollars.

Christmas Eve Secret Santa with the Ivisons produced a possible winner for best gift ever while simultaneously almost destroying a marriage. Think Judas Priest seat cover for Chad…placed in Nicoles car…

We rallied to the O’leary Holiday dinner with no kids barfing or with high temps, a first in years.

Of corse Finn lost his Ski pants on the last day of school so we were forced to brave boxing day mayhem in order to search endlessly for a pair (which is fecking hard in December) and turned out to be girls and 75 fucking dollars. Don’t tell Finn about the lady pants.

Finn went skiing for first time – whoop!

Attended the Grenier two day cottage extravaganza resulting in 8 adults and 9 kids hiking through lake effect snow, drinking XXXXX bottles of booze (I can’t list it, it’s too obscene) and almost setting their cottage on fire with rogue fireworks – well done! There is no place I’d rather be then with a whole bunch of foodies and their amazing creations, laughing for 2 days while their kids entertain mine.

Finn completed 47 lego kits…or so it seemed.

I have never seen Finn eat so many treats as he did during the Jandron New Year celebration at my auntie Leos (or steal as many marbles…sorry) . I thought for sure he would barf on the way home but no he slept the whole way, even when I had to pull over at highway 400 and Finch as his door almost slid open mid turn on the on ramp. WTF Mazda??

My extreme excitement over finding that Queen record at the 400 market in which an old dude complemented me on my awesome selection and clear distaste over the fact that I got to it before he did. Boom.

Finn asking me to turn off the iPod so we could play Johnny Cash from Folsom Prison on the record player instead. I was verklempt.

familyat moms
This is at my moms…wait couldn’t you tell by the zillion decorations?

Wren was shockingly loving this holiday.

butt crack
Can’t. Stop. Unwrapping. Even. As. My. Pants. Fall. Down.

Saw my Nanny!

My secret santa gift…from a 15 year old…I feel like a drunk.

What says Xmas like a boiled egg in the shape of a skull?

Chads windfall in Nickis car…ah yeahhhh.

I have no idea what we were doing, or what was so funny, but it captures a lot.

Our new addition.

Long vacations call for science experiment days.

The view from our friends beautiful cottage.

Why that’s a lovely tea towel ascot.

It’s too bad these two aren’t an actual couple – my fav shot.

Hey Finn! Wait is that you Finn?

This is what happens as booze flows and I try to take a selfie. Fail.

My mum and cousin Tom at the Jandron shindig.