Yes the holidays are over, and yes I really really tried to enjoy it, but it’s a little hard with your head in a toilet from a nasty flu, and then dealing with Finn and his high fever on Christmas day, oh and then me coming down with influenza with Wren and having to go to the hospital in a delirium in order to get some sort of relief.

Thankfully my Mom and Dad were here to help with the kids as I literally couldn’t get out of bed… Oh but then they got that nasty stomach flu and I recall with perfect clarity the moment that I was laying in bed, unable to move, coughing up a lung, listening to my Mom yack her guts out while Troy sat next to me in bed eating pretzels and watching The Runaway Jury oblivious to any sickness around him. It was my low point.

All those shiny gifts we trudged the mall to find, are now dirty and well used, displaced amongst the old crap. The tree was taken down in a flurry yesterday in order so that I could reach my desk again and rid my self of all the crappy memories (literally). The new kiddie clothes, which seemed like a lot, are now all used up, and probably been pooped on already so it appears the only lingering notion that Christmas happened is the giant crap load of boxes that have seemed to procreate with each other to amass a giant cardboard army that the garbage man will start yelling at us for.

Sadly I didn’t enjoy a single holiday dinner either, no holiday sweets, no holiday indulgence, no holiday hangovers were had by me which I guess is just as well seeing as I have to put on a bathing suit in two months anyways, but I digress. I have no stories to tell, no fun times that were had. No interesting anecdotes to tell in this blog, nada. I even had to cancel our first annual Snowball as well as New Years Eve which I am still ticked about.

So I leave this Christmas Bitch alone now. I have ranted and I feel better (due to a plethora of meds) and I look ahead to 2013 and what it might hold. I’ll tell you one thing though – September will definitely hold a flu shot for me. Done.