Alright so this morning I had the case of the ‘Mother Effer, I can’t believe he did that!’ And I wasn’t going to blog about it at all, but then as the morning progressed I thought, what a perfect opportunity to show both sides of the argument and realize we are all probably never right…ANY of us.


So after a long depressing conversation about how we live like university students and we need to prepare meals so Troy doesn’t eat at Wendy’s every day and waste money (it’s all about the hunkering), I decide to be the hero. I have only a few hours a day to work – when Finn is at school – so my work day is precious as I am typically sitting at my chair ALL DAY LONG with pee breaks only and the quick dash to the kitchen to grab a sandwich. BUT, I decide to run to Sobeys after dropping Finn yesterday and get all the fresh ingredients for a spaghetti. I then spend an hour during my work day to make the fucking dish. Now I know that Troy has a work dinner last night, but he has made it very clear he hates sandwiches and wants to bring meals to work, so after feeding the kids, fielding 20 fights, getting hit in the head with a book (thanks Wren), putting them to bed, and before I continue working until 9:30, I make up a big batch of noodles and make a great lunch for Troy. Ok, day is finally over.

Today: Wake up at 5:30, run, and when I get back all kids are up and Troy needs help, so I feed kids, get them ready and he is out the door with Wren. It is then that I notice his lovely lunch in the fridge and Finn’s lunch is unmade (that is Troys job which he has missed already a number of times these last few weeks). I also looked at the dog itching and eating his legs off and I am like – did Troy forget his pills again, GAH!, I pretty much lost my shit. What is the point of bothering at ALL. Fucking spaghetti. This is where my Mom will say, what a wonderful thing to do – to make a nice supper for your family. Screw it, the only one who ate it was Finn. Wren chucked it on the floor and I felt like crap eating that much meat and pasta so anger ensued…


After a brief but choice email this morning, I get back a response. Finn’s lunch was inexcusable – so sorry he forgot. He’s going to have my packed lunch for dinner as he has another client meeting at noon, and didn’t need food today, and yes Clifford is pilled up.

It was then that I realize how different our brains work. I immediately freaked out, felt under appreciated, annoyed, pissed, angry, and contemplated how easy life would be on my own. Where would I live? Move to Toronto? Would I date a younger man? YES! Just kidding… Would I share custody? YES! Clifford would definitely be mine though. I then started checking off all the other things – well geez he never does laundry, he claims he’s a saint for making the bed in the morning, and he is typically with the kids for 2 hours cumulatively during the week while I dress, feed, clean them in the chaos that ensues with 2 kids every day on my own, while trying to work full time on part time hours, write my second book, re-brand my business…you know the typical stuff. See how I felt the need to list all my tasks yet again – what is wrong with me?

Meanwhile, the boy’s mind went right to – geez, no idea you are mad, this is my deal, which was completely acceptable and apologized for the one mistake which is indeed not a deal breaker. I then sat down and realized how crazy we women are. Is it in our DNA? Is it just me? Why do we feel the need to constantly bring up ALL the stuff we do around the house when the guy goes in every day, works all day long and pretty much keeps his mouth shut to the misery he faces there. I’m pretty much convinced we should either all be gay or single. I feel bad for Troy when I am like this, so I gave him my birthday money for his baseball game on Friday night with his brother, which I AGAIN have to babysit the kids all alone again, make them supper, get ready for a fucking yard sale, clean the house, make the meals…..opps did it again.