Alright it’s still September, I know that. But yesterday my husband had his costume delivered to the house and I’m like What the Hell? Am I behind the ball on this already? I wanted to make all the kids costumes this year which means I have 5 weeks to sew a Dino costume and let’s be clear, it would probably take me 5 years so that is already blown. So instead of freaking out, I’ve decided to grab my coffee and peruse my fav sites for the decor that I at least have time to order and admire with a smidge of Pinterest ideas on how to spook out your house. I also ordered my own costume which means I’m absolutely self absorbed over this holiday and the kids can fend for themselves.


I’ve been coveting this¬†alternative movie poster for my bathroom for years…I think it’s time…

Another sweet poster from Society6 by moop

Since my Ouija earrings have gone missing, I need a replacement…

Sadly this doesn’t ship to Canada, BOO.

I actually have these in my living room all year. Love the ravens.

This is fucking terrifying.

This is hardcore and I LOVE it.

SO DOING THIS on our annual Hogan Halloween Prank day which is on the 30th.

This is actually so pretty.

I always get the kids from school on Halloween with something on my head. This should work!

Wrens birthday invites for sure…