The age old cliche of ‘If I would have known what I know now!‘ is old, but remains relevant.

Today I thought I’d make a quick list of the things that would have been important — things that I might have wished for in order to achieve the perfect life — or one I would imagine to be perfect, but as you grow up, the dawning realization that it’s the things we take for granted, the smallest of details that are the actual game changers. Happy Tuesday!

AGE 5:

If I get the Barbie Dream House, I will NEVER ask for another gift as long as I live! Oh and a Cabbage Patch Kid! That’s it! PLEASE!

AGE 10:

Please let me go to (insert kids name that you no longer remember) birthday slumber party, I just HAVE to go, it will make me so happy!

AGE 15:

I swear to God if you buy me these esprit jeans, I will never ask for another thing as long as I live! (notice the trend?)

AGE 20:

Hey head and stomach – I know I drank too many coolers last night, but I’m at work and I really need you to you stop pounding needles into my eyes and end the projectile vomiting, I promise I will never drink again.

AGE 25:

If I just had enough money to buy the clothes I want and the cool furniture I want, then I would never need anything else. Oh and I need to drop about 20 pounds too! (which would have actually made me anorexic).

AGE 30:

I want to travel! See the world! Have a successful career! Live in a big city! I want to live the dream! YEEE HAWWWW!

AGE 35:

Please don’t let me lose this baby. I just want a normal pregnancy. Two miscarriages are enough, please…please…please.

AGE now:

(on the phone to dad) Me: So what’s the verdict on your doctors appointment? Dad: Blood tests are still normal – no chemo or treatment needed yet! Me: (Sighs a woosh of relief, smile cracking my face) YEEE HAWWW this makes me so happy! Let’s celebrate!