One of the hardest things to do bar none is putting yourself out there. I don’t know if there is a more stressful thing since high school gym class really. As a creative type, it is such a soul revealing thing and sometimes you do get burned. I recently went to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and it is just a mecca of amazing artists and creative geniuses. I am in heaven. I have done this show before when I made cards and the worst thing you could ever say when you walk by a booth is – Gee I think I can do that at home. Even if you really can, try and think about who you are saying that in front of.

This artist has been toiling trying to get ready for the show, taking pride in their work and the last thing that they want to hear is that their work is something that the average joe can replicate at home. They are in their little booth showing a side of their creative genius to you – have some respect even if you hate what it is they do…they are doing it and following their dreams.

I have been struggling lately with the creative monster so to speak and feeling in need of a new hobby…something to keep me up at night and make me excited to work. I have had an idea for a while now for a book and I thought to myself,  just do it, just do it, what are you waiting for?! So I made the plunge and I put myself out there to my husband and friends and admitted myself to them. At first I couldn’t say it without laughing, thinking I was silly and that they would look at me like I was retarded – I mean I have never written anything but a few short stories and my blog!

They were so great and just leapt on my book bandwagon with no questions asked. My husband is tirelessly supportive and I am so greatful. I know he would much rather sit and watch TV then hash out the holes in my super hero demon plot line (don’t laugh :), but he has helped me adjust things and it made such a difference. It isn’t something he is interested in, but he wants me to be happy and I really and truly have had so much fun exploring this side of myself.

People have always said they liked my writing, but c’mon, a book? My grammar is awful and I tend to use a lot of dots when I write… :) But the thing is, I haven’t felt this happy in years, this excited to work and sit on my computer and bring a story to life. Even if it is crap, even if the topic is silly, even if sucks big time – wasn’t it worth a try and wasn’t it worth putting it out there? Most DEFINITELY!