This morning at 5:45 I remembered something I had to do before this upcoming girls weekend which had busy brain going and me up for the day making my to-do list. On Friday I’m booking it to a chalet to celebrate the big 65 for everyones favourite party girl Sheila Tequila! I didn’t make up the nick name I assure you. Now you might think geez, sounds dull with a bunch of older ladies sipping tea and eating squares, but let me assure you that this group of chicks ranging from late twenties (I think Brittany?) to 65 will party me under the table, and the only tea that will be made is Blueberry tea which isn’t blueberry at all :)

So as I make my ‘things to bring’ list I couldn’t help but compare it to Troy’s boys weekend list which was last weekend.


6 t-shirts (really Troy?) He wore 2 at best.

wind-pants/sweatshirt for playing hockey

toothbrush (which shocked me)

A bottle of rye and I assume a few 24’s (I didn’t ask but assumed by the puffy look to his face and beer smell permeating his pores it was a fair amount)

underwear I think, but seeing as not one guy showered from friday until sunday night, I’m assuming one pair was all that was needed.


I always categorize my lists into days and clothes choices for that day, then I add extra items in case I’m not into the outfit choice once I’m faced with putting it on (for eg, so hungover I can’t imagine putting on jeans). Then I add the misc category which consists of hair and make up and well misc stuff, then the tech stuff, and then booze/gifts or anything else I need to throw in. Sometimes I have to add a goofy outfit, my past is indicative of dress up parties and notorious surprise outfit changes in order to get a laugh or just be an idiot :)

You might tease me on my precise list categorization, but with two kids, and a dog, and typically a husband I have to pack for every weekend in the summer that we spend trucking it to various cottages, I have got the to-do list down to a science.

SO my list starts with:

Fridays arrival outfit – sometimes this is a key ensemble, especially if its a weekend away camping or roughing it, you want to look awesome when you arrive because you are going to look like shit as the weekend progresses. This isn’t a roughing it weekend though, and so I just might wear my Friday comfy loungy outfit straight away – space saving and frugal – look at me!

Pj’s and indoor slipper shoes

Swimsuit for hot tub

Saturday Daytime outfit

Saturday Night outfit (don’t forget a change of shoes because Saturday night outfit involves heels!)

Sunday lazy outfit

Misc: Blow dryer, curling iron, hair products, pins and elastics in case I feel like wearing it up, make up, nail polish (in case I want to do my nails before we go out), jewelry for each outfit, round brush & winter wear: hats and mitts.

Tech: phone, phone cord (because I am a loser on iPhone 4 and no one has that anymore), my lunettes, laptop (because I am spending all Saturday writing – so excited EEEEEEE!!!!!!!), charger for that, ipod for my walk to the village, kobo and my book light as I tend to be an insomniac and end up reading at 3 am, so I don’t want to disturb my bunk mates :)

Booze/gifts: I won’t relay this to you all in quantities because you will think less of me :)

Finally it’s a BYOBed type place so I’ll be bringing bedding and towels as well.

Plus I’m thinking of baking some treats to bring, so I’ll have to add that in. I mean I’m trying to be frugal in what I bring, but frankly as much as I wish I could be like Troy, I’m much happier with all my things and let’s face it, it isn’t every weekend I can spend all kinds of time on my hair and makeup and do my nails and sit around, not taking care of anyone but myself. Kidless weekends remind me of how much time I never seem to have and I am going to do it in style!

So to celebrate the almighty girls weekends, here are a few I’ve pulled from the archives…don’t worry my friends, I’ve kept them G rated :)

My stagette 2002

One of the first in 2002, well not first, but around the time we didn’t have to go get pics developed and we stored them on our computers – imagine the technology breakthrough! Sadly with the introduction of digital pics, shoeboxes full of blurry crappy shots are extinct…sigh. This was my stagette, so I wasn’t even married yet, youth!

camping during tornadoes 2005

I think this might have been the only girls camping weekend, before everyone bought cottages like grown-ups and it was during a tornado watch – awesome! Well, truthfully, it was one of my favorite weekends. We even allowed Clifford to come even though he is a boy, but he was a baby here so we felt it was better then allowing him go with the guys portaging into Algonquin during a tornado watch, at night, in a torrential downpour…boys. :)

Girls in Montreal 2007

This was a random trip to Montreal, and my god look at my hair, rama-lama-bangs lady.

NYC 2008

NYC. Pregnant. I can’t believe I went, but it was awesome, and now I can say I brought Finn to New York…as a fetus.

Wine tours 2009

The O’Leary wine tour 2009! This is the same group as I’m with this weekend, and this is all the wine we bought, packed in our tricked out limo. Yes I barfed later that night.

Wine tours 2009 group

Same group, and no I wasn’t pregnant, but I certainly looked it (far right).

AHHHH-qua bar 2010

Tanya has a girls weekend every year at her cottage and this was the year of the AHHHHHH-qua bar, or so we liked to call it.

Caroling 2010

Our caroling adventure in the city.

Montreal for Lauries Stagette 2013

The most recent was my sisters stagette in Montreal, yes that is a penis…