So it’s only been like 6 or 7 years since we bought our fridge and boom, it’s dead. Starting clicking off and on a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until this weekend that I noticed all of a sudden the freezies thawed (Wren’s in a complete panic) and today the fridge area was kaput. So of corse Jim Bob from the local fridge repair shoppe is on vacation and old earl (his replacement) can’t be here until Friday ay 4pm (WTF?) so as I haul Finn home from school, we pit stopped to buy copious bags of ice and borrowed Chad’s economy sized cooler. And thus begins the fridge purge… So I began asking myself the same question as I pull out jars of Gherkins, plum sauce, 3 tubs of mustard, 2 tubs of mayo and fish sauce? (I don’t even know what this is used for): ‘WHY DO I HAVE ALL THIS SHIT IN MY FRIDGE?!’. In my mind I felt I should borrow the huge cooler just in case, but really I was only thinking of saving a handful of foods – milk, cheese, salami, eggs and wine (c’mon this is the most important one people). But as I kept pulling and packing, I find the entire cooler is jam packed and I still don’t have room for a jug of water, which is actually pretty important to me. I even called Troy and asked him to bring home some MORE ice, so we can use our own cooler for non-essentials, and make some space in the other. But now I am asking why? Why do I feel the need to harbour a jug of bacon fat? A mini lime shaped container of (you guessed it), lime juice, 8 sticks of butter, and a jug of Russian dressing that I will never eat but my Mom in-law just bought it on the weekend and I feel guilty for chucking it so soon? I watched the news last night, setting myself into a dark depression over the homeless children situation in Syria, and I think, Jaysus, they have no fridges, no coolers, no fucking bacon fat — actually they might have this one, but truly, we are living in a most certainly glutinous state and this has got to stop. Europeans have wee little fridges that those Texans on House Hunters International just can’t even comprehend ya’all, but I think, hmmm, they might have the right idea. I’m sure I have thrown out at least 150 bucks of food which I wouldn’t have even had if I was buying a little at a time, keeping the menu fresher and hopefully healthier. I wouldn’t have needed this giant fridge that will prob cost a few honeys to fix, not to mention how much it costs to run the sucker. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy my big fridge, but let’s

all be a little honest here on how much we actually need, on hand, to feed our traps. So I leave you on this note with a little food for thought (pun definitely intended, unless this isn’t the definition of a pun) as you live in the lapse of luxury with your working fridges and fancy access to ice cubes, while us Hogans are eating hot dogs and profiteroles as they defrost. Can someone bring me an ice cold beer? crazy-ass-fridge This is effing ridiculous.