So I am a big book whore and realized that I’d love to become a bit of a novel blogger chatting about stuff I’ve read, cool new titles and perhaps (fingers crossed) adding in my own stuff as well. I just bought the domain this morning so my new project will be launched soon! Plus it gives me more practise with wordpress and customizing it so that I can confidently add it as a service for my clients.

I always get the ‘where do you find the time!’ questions when I add a new venture to my life and honestly I find it where I can in order to keep my sanity, period. I am busy, yes. I’m starting to become forgetful, yes. And I sometimes wonder if I leave the house with pants on as I rush through with the kids and dog in tow (thankfully it hasn’t happened… yet). But through the busy-ness I always come back to a question I was asked from a class I took a number of years ago: ‘What makes you feel successful?’ My answer has always been excitement. When I am passionate about something, I feel alive and can’t wait to get up in the morning (unless it’s 4:30 AM – thanks Wren).

When I am pumped about a project, whether it makes money or not, it makes me feel like I have purpose. Way too often we measure success through the amount of cash you make and that is so far from what it should be. If I end up planning a party that people talk about for months (hellooooo potato fest), I feel very proud of myself. At the end of the day, if I can say that I did something that people enjoyed, looked cool and that I felt excited about, well then, I shall count myself lucky.

Let’s say you are a stay at home mother raising two kids with no income – would we say you weren’t successful? Never. It is the hardest job in the world and if you can pull it off without having shitty kids who walk all over you then I would say you are a rockstar. Boo ya.

Say you take on a charitable organization and run a campaign that gives food to the homeless, clothes to a woman’s shelter, toys to kids then by god you are amazing and you haven’t make a cent.

Even if you are able to put make up on AND do you hair while a baby and toddler scream and play in the background while chasing your dog around the house pulling out his tail hair, as you cook breakfast, make lunches AND manage to dress everyone (mostly), well I think that is just amazing (and I am proud of myself when I can actually accomplish this).

There are so ┬ámany levels of happiness and evolution in life. Reinvention and change makes me blissful so I will carry on as long as I can… until my husband makes me go out and get a real job :)