So this morning I finally sorted out a few kinks with Amazon kindle (I think) – and I am now up there for your reading pleasure! I’m a little excited (& terrified) to put this out there, but I wrote Fall From Grace when I was preggers with Wren and finally finished editing and publishing myself on e-readers this week. I’ve passed it to a few friends and family and they assure me it isn’t utter garbage so I went with it – so blame them if you don’t like it :)

I’ve also launched my new blog called! This beast is basically an outlet for me to complain about crappy crap books and swoon over great supernatural thrillers like every other 13 year old girl. Not weird,  not weird at all.

Reading is such a HUGE part of my life. It is my escape, it calms me, but it also excites me. I still marvel how you can be transported into a make believe world purely through the written word. Incredible.