I’ll admit it, I’m angry. I hate the weather. I hate the snow. I hate the clothes. I hate the WAITING for spring. I hate talking about the waiting for spring and I hate this post most of all.

I tried to embrace winter this year and I think I’ve done an ok job at not being a complete debbie downer but at this point, I don’t care anymore.

@girlposts wrote this on twitter this morning:

I just want to lie in bed and not participate in life

Never was a truer statement as such!

I think the majority of us Canadians feel DONE right now – especially in our snow pummelled eastern provinces. I know we are supposed to love big sweaters and socks and fuzzy hats and cozy hot chocolates sipped by a fireplace, but I don’t have a fireplace, I hate socks, and I’d rather be drinking a cold beer on a beach.

My husband said the other day that he can’t wait for summer so that I can stop wearing my plaid cape (aka blanket wrap thing that I wear everyday cause I’m freezing). I think I might burn it…if I had a fireplace. Grrrrr.

I’m sick of requiring 14 minutes to prepare to walk outside. I’m sick of checking my weather app everyday in the hopes that somewhere along the line, it will be above -18, and I might be able to run outside again.

I’m sick of snow pants. I’m stick of BOOOOOTS. Especially functional ones that are full of salt stains and are beyond ugly but purposeful. I want to wear heels and no socks, and open a fucking window without freezing my pipes.

I want to see a tulip. I want to be able to stroll, not BOLT home from the bus stop cause my toes are numb. I want to walk my dog without him stopping every 3 minutes to lift his frozen feet from the ground for me to wipe the stinging salt from his paws.

Mother of God, I can’t believe I am saying this but, I want to be able to mow my fucking lawn again!

I don’t want to see my ratty mitts EVER again. I hate my winter coat that I loved to wear 2 months ago. I want to throw every pair of leggings I own in a blazing pit of hell and wear a pretty dress. I want to be able to do my pedicure that someone actually gets to see. I don’t want to feel like I NEED a bath every day just in order to feel warm again.

I hate layering 4 kinds of cream on my face in order to combat the constant dry flaky skin. I hate applying lip balm 24 times a day.

This might be the one thing I hate the most…I hate that I haven’t been able to BBQ this month due to the extreme temperatures! I need a moment…

Sigh. Ok. I think I am done. Done like dinner. Donza. Done with this month, and done with winter. I am not leaving the house by choice until it is for a cold beer in the driveway with my neighbors.

God speed fellow Canadians as we enter the dreaded MARCH.

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