So  many of you will be tuning out on this post, but this is me being the fangirl that I am and getting TOOOOO excited about things that are being released this coming year. I actually have these in my iCal, yes I admit to that. My authors are my celebrities, I nerd out on them, I stalk them on twitter, I go to book readings from favourite writers and continue to sit through them even when I have begun to go into labor. Yes, I’m that committed.

So that being said this is a HUGE year for some of my favourite series to end, some of them to come to life on the big screen and some I am looking forward to even when they don’t even have a name yet.


21 // DIVERGENT comes to theatres. Theo James who plays ‘Four’ is worth it ALONE. If you watch this clip (not the trailer, the one titled ‘Clip’) and don’t fall in love, you are dead to me.


8 // Released: DREAMS OF GODS & MONSTERS by Laini Taylor. Third and final book in Daughter of Smoke & Bone series. I admit when I read book 1, it took me awhile to get past the visual of part animal, part human characters. But do it, the books are creative and amazing and so well written. LOVED it.


27 // Released: CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE by Cassandra Clare. Her sixth and final book in The Mortal Instruments series, my favourite series to date. I’ve read them all, many many times. As a super fan, you end up devoting years to these series, which is a lot of pressure as an author, but she NEVER disappoints me. I will be lining up for this one.


1 // Released: SINNER is released. Maggie Stiefvater wrote this companion to the Shiver Trilogy and although they weren’t my favourite series, I enjoyed them and am looking really forward to her delving into the life of this one character – Cole. I heard it’s supposed to be steamy too :) The author posted the first three chapters online too, if you wanted a peek!


19 // THE MAZE RUNNER movie – shuck yeah! (No that isn’t a typo – you’d get it if you read it :) Admitting that I’m going more to see Dylan O’Brien then anything else, the book was great, I’m hoping the movie will be too, plus it’s something your husbands might actually go and see with you – bonus!

23 // UNMADE – final book in Unspoken trilogy comes out. Adore this writing, I laugh, I scream, I swoon. My second favourite series is over in this final installment. Boo hoo.


28 // Untitled (THE RAVEN CYCLE #3). Another Maggie Stiefvater series. This is book 3 in The Raven Cycle books, and I believe there are 4 total. This one isn’t even named yet, but I want it. Now.


4 // THE RETRIBUTION OF MARA DYER by Michelle Hodkin. This first one came out in 2011, so it’s been awhile and I’m fuzzy on the details of the plot now, but I remember the final scene in book 2 and it’s held my attention until now so hopefully come November it will be worth it! (plus the cover art is amazing)

12 // EMPOWER by Jessica Shirvington. I think this is book 6 and I read the first 5 in record speed over the holidays so it annoys me that I have to wait a whole year to find out how it ends, but such is the life of a fangirl :)

If you have more awesomeness I’ve missed, let me know!