So this weekend I’m pretty pumped to attend my cousin Sue’s wedding which some folks might say is an oxymoron – attend a family wedding – boring! That is pretty much the opposite with my family though and I love the fact that I get to finally see everyone after waaaaaay too long. I look forward to the witty banter, funny catch ups and also the fact that I get a whole hotel room to myself as Troy and the kids are staying home. I was too worried Wren would run up and ruin the brides wedding dress (inevitable), attack the cupcake table (a given), or I don’t know, run into oncoming traffic the second we turned our heads (a definite possibility). So this brought me to think about family and it’s importance and ways we can celebrate it in a non-cheesy way. I found some cool atypical family tree graphics, and some pretty awesome jewels, oh and a wicked tree stand which has nothing to do with anything, but hey – it’s a cool tree stand! 1. Modern Family Tree from Minted 2. Stars Wars Family Tree – need I say

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more? 3. Tree Stand – LOVE the green. 4. A wonderful way to celebrate loved ones passed at a wedding or reunion. 5. I love this although it wouldn’t be something I would wear – but in a shadow box, or just hanging on a wall would be awesome. 6. Another great way to showcase personal items instead of packing them away in a box. 7. Another neat handwritten design. 8. Cool silhouette necklace from le papier studio – they have bracelets too – really cool. Family Tree Hoo Ra