A few weeks ago a friend posted an older vid link of Joss Whedon speaking during an Equality Now event – Men on the Front Lines Honoree.

Not only was it funny, as only he can be, the message stayed in my crazy brain and I’ve thought about it almost daily. It’s come at a very interesting point in my year as I embark on Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) this month with a personal goal to write a book (50,000 words) in a month. Writing a good character is poetry to me. Joss is an incredible writer and inspires me constantly.

Of corse he created Buffy many years ago (dating myself here) which has continued to be and probably will always be, my favourite show. A character I wanted to become, an iconic symbol of what it means to be bad ass, funny, humble, bright, and selfless in one she-bang. And before any of you scoff at that statement, you can’t deny the ultimate fandom following both the show and the characters has generated. So much so that nerdy me hauled a 4 year old and a 1 year old to Toronto’s Fanexpo last summer in the hopes of catching a fleeting glimpse of two cast favourites. Not to mention inspiring me to write :)

The speech above, is about in-equality and why, in this day and age, is it still an issue? Joss’s answer to the constant and most irritating question “Why do you write such strong female characters?” is this:


[quote style=”boxed”]Equality is not a concept, it’s a necessity. It is an imbalance of life. I am still writing these strong female characters because you are still asking me this question.[/quote]


‘When I Speak’ was written by Joss as well, but inspired by real Equality Now cases. It’s horrifying, moving and something everyone should watch. I’m not really an activist, very much a pacifist in every aspect of my life, but this has inspired me to write about it with the hope that it might inspire your thinking too.