This morning I found myself testing out Walmart to see if it would lower my grocery bill, but really I ended up looking around me and getting so frustrated by my fellow shoppers. Everywhere I looked there was a full cart of crap…any when I say crap I mean, pop, chips, candy, boxed meals and one lady with three cases of kool-aid – what the? Really I could go on but I think you get the picture.

I am no saint, I admit, when it comes to having a sweet tooth; I definitely indulge in my fair share of desserts but I was astonished at the bulk these people were buying at. In front of me at checkout was a relatively obese lady I think I can freely say, and her daughter in the cart. First thing I noticed was the big Ring Pop in her daughters hand which she very proudly showed me and couldn’t wait to hoe into. Second was the eight 2 litre bottles of orange soda, pepsi, cream soda, 7-up yada yada that she was buying. I know because I counted. Perhaps she was buying the pop for a party or because it was on sale, or maybe to ‘save for later’ but it really did seem like it was a weekly supply that she was purchasing and it made me want to swipe the Ring Pop on that little girls finger for a banana.

This got me thinking of childhood obesity and whether things are getting better or worse these days. I sort of assumed that folks were becoming more health conscious as I mentioned at a party recently that I had white buns for lunch and the crowd literally gasped that I wasn’t going whole grain 100%. I did some research and it appears that in the last 25 years, childhood obesity rates in ages 12-17 has more then doubled and it just made me feel very sad for these poor kids. Whether it is the parent’s fault or society or both, it makes me so angry that this is happening when so many little kids are starving in other countries. Finn eats cookies and treats, most deffinitely, but they are just that – treats – and we need to give our kids a fighting chance in this over indulgent society.

I have a close friend who has been battling so many ailments and mysterious diseases this past year and she is just struggling to make it day to day without losing her mind and dealing with the constant pain. When I think of her and how she would probably be so thrilled to go out for a jog, a walk even, but just can’t right now, then I see the lady with the truck load of pop and she is walking just fine (although quite slowly) it makes me wonder why. It seems so un-fair and un-just but I guess such is life and sometimes things just seem off kilter. I wish pop lady luck in getting healthy & having her kids grow up without health scares but I am afraid it will become a bitter cycle of weight gain & pain in that  little girls life. Sigh…

Anyhoo that is my rant of the day so I had better get off my butt and go eat an apple :)

In case you were wondering, Walmart might actually be cheaper for food, but you get sucked into the big box store vacuum and end up buying a bunch of crap you don’t need, skyrocketing your bill. Sobey’s wins yet again!