So this morn I ran to Shoppers to grab a package and while waiting in line I was struck with some pretty strange emotions. In front of me was an older woman, in her late 70’s, most likely, and she was super pumped as she won 80 bucks from the lotto. She was all smiley and excited and just so full of life. Behind me was a couple around my parents age but the woman was obviously suffering from some sort of dementia or alzheimer’s. Her husband was talking to her, telling her where to stand and she was so confused, and just looked lost. It was so sad and made me think about the two sides of growing up with aging parents.

We ‘think’ our folks will be a spry chickens, doting on grandkids, walking with the seniors group at the rec centre, playing bridge etc, but it’s a pretty real statistic that they will not be so lucky. I”m pretty sure I’m all hormonal this week as I keep thinking about it, and it’s depressing the crap out of me, but I just felt like I should write about it and get it off my chest. We think our parents will be around forever. The won’t. We think they will be healthy and mentally sane. They might not. We think it will be this way forever. But it really won’t.

I’m so grateful that today my folks are doing well and are actually on a road trip with wee Finn to their house for a week of cookies and ice cream for breakfast. They are always helping me out with our busy schedules and coming to see the kids every 6 weeks or so. My beasts adore them, and mostly they like my kids – joking mom :) There might not be another summer where they are able to take a toddler, and as much as I will miss him, I encourage the bonding that Finn will have with this trip.

I need to be more patient with my parents, and also my life. I need to stop criticizing when they don’t live exactly how I do. I need to enjoy all the moments we do have with them, and let my kids be spoiled (even if it means I have one of every toy from the dollar store :).

A toast to you mom and dad – now you get to enjoy the 5000 questions Finn will ask you before 9 am!

This will soooo be me when I’m old…