Finn’s room makes me cringe, sweat, cry all wrapped up in the smallest space imaginable. His need

to keep everything he was ever given, including the packaging it came in drives me batty. So this weekend I had enough. His obsessive need to surround himself with everything he owns littered around his room drew that final straw when I woke up Saturday morning with a LET’S GO TO IKEA statement sending Troy into a panic. We needed a new mattress for Wren’s room, so it was a quasi excuse to redecorate Finn’s in the process. I decided on a camping theme, using some prints I bought at as my jumping off point. However, I think the problem lay in the fault that perhaps I didn’t fully articulate my plans to a boy who deplores change. A kid with a pen chance for clutter. My alter ego son. My bad. Anyways, I wanted a space to better accommodate guests and also to be a little more grown up for Finn. I wanted him to love his room and enjoy spending more time in it – reading, playing, whatever it takes for him to remove his ass from my couch is a good thing. My first plan required a massive clean out. Both the kids closets have become cesspools for junk we don’t want to deal with. I mean, thank god I don’t have a basement, as these are the only two areas in the house we can store crap. But it was time for me to do an overhaul. Unearthing so much stuff was in some part a little funny – can you say love letters written to me from Troy when he was in university? Ho boy but that is a different story altogether… After an entire car for goodwill and a bunkie now filled with big items I need to sell, I was ready for the fun decorating part. But then I realized, this isn’t fun for anyone but me, and it wasn’t really fun at all when you are dealing with a 6YO who thinks they know more then you. Let’s partake of some of the conversations shall we? FINN: BUT I LOVE CLUTTER! Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? I’m SO tired. Are you done yet? I NEED TO KEEP THOSE PIECES OF GARBAGE MOM. No way can I get rid of any cars. Where is my desk? (we didn’t buy you one yet) I NEED A DESK! (no you don’t) YOU SAID YOU WERE BUYING A DESK (crying ensues) (major freak out by me including all the cliche mom phrases such as: when you get a job you can buy whatever you want + you ungrateful little AHHHHH + I’M THE DESIGNER – I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!) Where is my chair? (Same argument as above, even though we actually did buy him a chair – a freaking awesome one that hangs from the ceiling but he can’t grasp that concept in any way shape or form) Why did you put a mirror in my room? I hate that mirror. I don’t want to see myself in that MIRROR! So I kicked everyone out and finished the job in peace. Well relative peace when my daughter continued to hop into the room exclaiming how ‘Beautiful!’ everything is. The aggravation continued until 5pm, covered in sweat and dust, body aching from exhaustion but finally able to perform the grand unveiling and low and behold – Hey Mom I love it! Eff you kid.