So, a number of weeks ago, my gorgeous british bombshell friend, Rosie, bought me a book – a diary type book. I’ve had it perched on my desk for weeks now, because it’s pretty and matched my gold objects office fetish. But today I decided yes I am NOT using it for a pretty prop, or even for a boring work notebook — I am going to use an actual pen and write stuff in it old school! Yes, I am now writing to Dear Diary…

Dear Diary

So after 3/4 page written, my hand hurt. My freaking fingers ached. So that made me think, when was the last time I wrote something, by hand? Honestly I can’t remember. I’m assuming it was a note to Finn’s teacher, or perhaps a to-do list for Troy? Or more likely a packing list for one of our weekend jaunts. This made me sad.

These days it’s way easier to type, text, video blog, skype, instagram, snapchat (even though I don’t know what that is), join a what’s app group (detroit tailgating whoop!), or just tweet your life to the masses about dumb things like I do.

Whatever your choice of communication is, typically it does not involve poor Mr. Pen and Paper. They’ve become the sad relics of yesteryear, left behind in the land of misfit toys. Last night I watched Finn write note after note about nonsense and realize my 6YO writes more then I do. That’s sad.

This week I read Fangirl, which right away I obsessed over, specifically the protagonist chick Cath, holing up in her dorm room writing fanfiction on her laptop. But in strolls a guy from her writing class, who still wrote in a scribbler. A scribbler! Who could do that these days? As I writer myself, I can’t even fathom using an ancient typewriter, although I secretly fantasize about doing just that. Perhaps your words would have more girth, more meaning, you wouldn’t be blathering on about shit all in a blog post. Opps.

When Cath tried the notebook and pen method, she wanted to cut and paste, the amount of time to write longhand far outweighing a laptops quick and effortless story production. Her frustration was obvious and relatable. I typically find myself, on a daily basis, mentally Command ‘Z’ing when I want to erase something. Occupational hazard I guess. Keyboard shortcuts are my life.

Ok so this post really doesn’t have much of a point, and I ‘should’ be working and Command ‘C’ing the crap out of everything, but felt it an interesting question to ask my readers: have you written anything lately? (and does anyone think of the Wedding Singer when I wrote that question?)