So my day started ok, Finn off to school, had a neat call with a potential new client with an interesting new project…but then it all went to crap.

Crap thinking about crappy crap people and crappy crap internet crap.

First crap story. So we’ve been struggling for months to get our magic jack phone working again, and low and behold, we needed a new upgraded device – well thank you for sending this three months ago when it stopped working magic jack. Awesome. Thank you for letting me run up my cell bill like 50 bucks a month while we try and figure out why you stopped working. Crappy crap magic jack.

Next we are thinking of switching to Bell because Rogers is crap, and internet isn’t unlimited with Rogers and we keep going over our usage cause we have like a billion GB’s to go to a back up server for my business and it’s really pissing me off. Plus Rogers said they would lower our bill if we got a new modem so we hauled the kids in the crap car to Barrie, got the new crap, hate the new crap PVR and the bill is higher then ever. Crap. So we are like let’s switch! But Bell is going to Fuck us I know, and in two months I’ll be like – I HATE BELL and now I have an ugly satellite dish on my house and I’ll be stuck in a two year contract and annoyed and hate everyone again. CRAP.

THEN I looked outside and Clifford has decided he can dig his way to the bunny under our shed/bunkie and has proceeded to excavate multiple holes, displace all the pea gravel and ripped up ALL the under blankets making our shed look like absolute – you guessed it – CRAP. I swear someone was about to die out there, be it the dog or the effing bunny, I don’t care, I wanted blood. I threw all my patio furniture around the perimeter, plant pots and chucked the dog in the house who then proceeded to make mud prints all over the floor because he was FILTHY. I then got water all over my floor trying to clean his feet, and ate four fudge cookies to make myself feel better. CRAP.

THEN, I thought a little blog therapy would be nice and I saw this on one I do love mind you, but it made me feel like absolute crap because this is NOT how anyone looks in the morning like EVER. Like NEVER EVER. If I looked like this pouring my coffee, with my perfect perky ass and beautifully arranged messy hair, my 300.00 Armani mens shirt and legs from here to forever then my god, this would be bliss and very un-crap like. But then reality called and called bullshit on this crap, and you lucky people get to read about my crappy day and it’s only 1pm. CRAP.

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