Wee ‘Wren’ has joined the Hogan Clan

Hullo my friends! I wanted to send a quick blog post to introduce my wee baby girl born October 23 :) We are all doing well, and loving the new family dynamic…even though some days are a complete shit show and I can never keep up with my laundry…and sleeping is non-existent…and she farts like a trucker :)

A Therapeutic Rant

A good friend of mine recently went to see

a counselor just to work through some life issues – nothing big or kooky, something I think we could ALL benefit from truly, but anyways she went and we had a good conversation on a wee exercise that the chick asked her to do. At first she was REALLY skeptical but the counselor asked her to keep a journal. No not a Dear Diary, blah blah blah thing, more of a therapeutic rant. So what is this you ask? Well when you are frustrated you should grab a paper and pen and just go to town. Rant until you are scratching the imaginary eyes out of the paper and then throw it out. My friend was was like Oooookkkayyyy, but not really thinking it would be helpful at all. Au contraire. So in the middle of the night when she had busy brain, she got up and scribbled a rant to make you blush, then threw it out and continued on to a blissful sleep. It worked like a charm! She tells me this is helping her hugely – what a great way to get things off your chest without ruining your marriage or your relationship with your in-laws. Just make sure you actually throw out the paper though – could become a very dicey thing to try and talk your way out of :)


Hi all, so I decided I need to write everyday if I can and I am starting with this morning as I was so inspired…I woke up really annoyed as Clifford (me old dog) had the craps last night

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and I had to wake up every 3 hours to let him out to poop. So, sleep deprived today and then Finn decides that he hates me and all that I do for him and has 3 tantrums just to get him out the door to day care. I came home and thought, ugh, I don’t want to go running, I just want to sit and watch telly and eat chocolate today. I hummed and haaaed but eventually I got my gear on and left the house feeling annoyed and angry at the world for some reason. I run in a provincial park which lets me go off leash with Cliff in the winter and they plow most of the roads so it is wonderful. The sun is peaking through the woods and it does brighten my mood considerably (also knowing I am here now and will be in a hot shower in 30 min doesn’t hurt either). I see my regular dog walkers as I pass them and say some Good Mornings, and the snow is just glistening all around us, it is so peaceful here. As I round a final corner I see some tracks – sled? Nope. I reach the end and I see a little old lady with a WALKER out pushing through the few cm of snow we got last night with her husband and dog. I am floored. Floored that she is walking through snow, with a walker and has gotten really far, when I almost didn’t come as my toes might get cold. For some reason this just gets me, I almost start to bawl as I think about how lazy I was, and complained SO MUCH that I had to run when I am now realizing this lady probably WISHES she could run. They were so lovely and smiling, it made me realize that I am just so so lucky. Lucky to be able to run. Lucky that I have such a wonderful park within 4 minutes of my house. Lucky that there was no wind today and it was so beautiful around the lake. Lucky that I have a great job that allows me the freedom to walk my dog in the middle of the morning…just lucky. I think we all have bad days, but my bad day changed considerably by going out of the house today and that I am so grateful for :) Kudos to you walker lady!!

Hello 2011!

Ok so I really have been awol for December but I think we all sorta have been. What makes that month so darn short and January so damn long? I suppose most of us take a week off in December which I think we can all attest to vacations flying by. Regardless I am back on the grid and ready to do some fun stuff! I did a bunch of new things this past fall/early winter, I made a wee collage below to show you some of my work.

I am also offering a special promo for design and or web services in Jan/Feb. I’m offering 13% off all web/design services starting now until December. Some conditions apply. Scoop up the deal before it disappears like this crappy snow!