Ahhh instagram…

Found this cool site today for your instagram photos: Printstagram!

Just cause everyone needs a wee calendar in their stocking this year :)

Printstagram // freshlyhatched Printstagram // freshlyhatched Printstagram // freshlyhatched Printstagram // freshlyhatched


You definitely need more flare…

Anyone get the Office Space reference? No? Ok anyways we joked about this the other day as Finn is JAZZED about wearing pins on his shirt. Wee circle pins with cute graphics on them. It started me thinking how in the 80’s, pins were EVERYWHERE. Duran Duran, Corey Hart, Platinum Blonde, MJ – we all had flare to wear on our neon t-shirts and jean jackets. Flare shows team spirit, political views (without being dicky), and best of all – personality. Not everyone can pull it off, and I certainly don’t condone big christmas tree brooches that light up (Anything you label a brooch is not allowed0. But, I’ve been known to enjoy tucking a wee pin onto a satchel, or hat even though I’m nearly 40 :) The kids love them, and it’s a super cheap purchase (score!).

If you are so inclined you can even make your own :)

This post is dedicated to the lost art of pin wearing cause I think we all could use a little more flare!

Bottom pins from Sick On Sin

flare // freshlyhatched.ca


Oui Oui Montreal

Alright so watch out mes amis français (no I can’t speak the language of love, but I try), my sisters’ stagette is coming to Montreal this weekend for some good times, numerous body shots, and hopefully no arrests! Joking…sorta. But anyways as I think about this beautiful city, I’m delightfully checking out how I will spend my day on Saturday, with my lovely sis and best pal ‘the biz’ (don’t ask). Definitely we will start with an incredible hangover concoction due to the first

night impromptu throw down. Think Hair of the Dog and this cute kit from Knock Knock. Knock Knock // freshlyhatched.ca Next will include a major caffeine fix at local cafe, and I’ve heard great things about Pikolo…warm chocolate croissant please! pikoloespresso.com/en/ // freshlyhatched.ca Shopping will definitely ensue down St.Catharine street beginning with Simons – a great spot for bargains. Simons // freshlyhatched.ca A more pricey but gorgeous option would be to check out Reborn in Old Montreal. Reborn // freshlyhatched.ca I’d love to take in an art gallery but I think I will be too pressed for time. If I was in town for longer, I’d definitely be checking this spot out -Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. Art Museum Montreal // freshlyhatched.ca To end the day, I’ve made a big reso at Bevo in Old Montreal to kick off the festivities – looks delicious! Bevo Bar + Pizzaria // freshlyhatched.ca Wish us luck and hopefully we’ll come home with few injuries and lots of memories :)

nice sh*t

So today I’ve got nothin’. My brain is fried from learning to code a website so I am going to take it easy on the rants and just post some sh*t I like – enjoy! Visit Lauren Conrads website for the how-to – loooooove this. Even though I’ve been told I’m an idiot, I still want to tattoo my neck…desperately. I’m crushing on Caroline Z Hurley’s throw blankets.

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I want to live in this. Scoutmob is a dreamworld that I want to live in. Plus I really love bears all of a sudden. yup. I want to wear

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ankle boots with everything.

‘keep’ just another pinterest?

I think we’ve all been guilty of pinning a bunch of crap we aren’t going to do, buy, wear, or even look at again. So why is this so mesmerizing for us? Is it the modern day to-do list? Is it a way to generate ideas on how to make yourself appear more organized, more pretty, more ‘current’ then you really are? Who knows, I still love it!

So I came across a new site called Keep, that is pretty much Pinterest for e-commerce/things to buy. It was probably created by them too, but seems a little cleaner and more lovely – especially your hexagon avatar, and the handwritten font used for your name. After figuring out the process (sorta easy to do) and trying to choose an picture of me in which I am not holding a beer, I started to ‘KEEP’. I’m not sure how long I will use this site, but so far I really like it and it might be a good way to organize my to-do lists – ‘Pinterest’ for home made fire pits, ‘Keep’ for buttery leather totes! Yes please :)

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 3.59.30 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.04.49 PM