Valentine’s is the worst…but hey, chocolate

Let’s be clear, I hate Valentine’s day.

But I love pink.

And chocolate.

So I am in the crux of all cruxes. It’s like the Horcrux of all cruxes (Harry Potter fans unite!).

Do I decorate and fall into the contrived, singleton shaming, cannot even get a reso at Ikea (it’s a thing!) crap trap or pretend this dumb holiday burned to the ground with all the xmas trees at the annual holiday tree burn?

With sluggish feet I made my way to the dollar store…

Not because I’ve suddenly got a change of heart and it grew 3 sizes, I don’t. I still hate this holiday, but I’ve got kids. Kids love this shit. Who am I to stand in the way of their dreams? And hey…chocolate. So I traversed, I perused, I bought pink hearts and foil wrapped candy and hopefully the kids will walk in the door and appreciate the sacrifices I make to my core values for them.

In the same breath all valentines decor that talks about love and #blessed hearts suck. I focused on the cute and the pink and the glittery on my Pinterest board below, end of story.


Bacon hearts. Done.

I dislike endorsing amazon but Martha Stewart has her shit together and I love her.


This has nothing to do with anything but the fact it’s pink and I love ikea plushies.

I got this at the dollar store – no joke!

I usually have some sort of banner up all year round. This is made from simple pretty twine and pink stickers – A fun project for kids to do for their rooms…not my living room, I’m too OCD for that.

Those with kids likely have those ikea rolls of paper kicking around which I tend to use for most fancy dinner parties so my kids can write on them during the meal (kid fancy is what I meant) but I love this simple DIY.

Halloween Haul

Alright it’s still September, I know that. But yesterday my husband had his costume delivered to the house and I’m like What the Hell? Am I behind the ball on this already? I wanted to make all the kids costumes this year which means I have 5 weeks to sew a Dino costume and let’s be clear, it would probably take me 5 years so that is already blown. So instead of freaking out, I’ve decided to grab my coffee and peruse my fav sites for the decor that I at least have time to order and admire with a smidge of Pinterest ideas on how to spook out your house. I also ordered my own costume which means I’m absolutely self absorbed over this holiday and the kids can fend for themselves.


I’ve been coveting this alternative movie poster for my bathroom for years…I think it’s time…

Another sweet poster from Society6 by moop

Since my Ouija earrings have gone missing, I need a replacement…

Sadly this doesn’t ship to Canada, BOO.

I actually have these in my living room all year. Love the ravens.

This is fucking terrifying.

This is hardcore and I LOVE it.

SO DOING THIS on our annual Hogan Halloween Prank day which is on the 30th.

This is actually so pretty.

I always get the kids from school on Halloween with something on my head. This should work!

Wrens birthday invites for sure…

My Starter Capsule Wardrobe

So this concept is quite new to me, I mean, I‘m aware of Marie Kondo’s wardrobe-focused tidying technique and this idea of only keeping clothes that spark joy speaks to me, even if I find it slightly hokey. However, I just assembled about 5 bags of clothes to donate this week and I find that I always have clothes to get rid of and never anything to wear. So when I began researching this topic I thought perhaps I’m doing it ALL WRONG. 

So here is what I’ve learned…

The money I’ve wasted is stupid. The time spent choosing outfits in a fit of fury when I’m trying to leave the house is dumb. The self-esteem issues aside, well, I think I need to do things better. To learn to shop smarter.

I came across a vlog the other day that left me intrigued. I can’t for the life of me find it (sorry!) but it was a good jumping off point to this subject. It also scared the shit out of me because the theory was that you only keep things you will absolutely wear in that season. You hold on to all the items that you love, that have a great cut and fit and you dump the rest. All purchases for that season are made at the beginning, your wardrobe is complete and you are done with shopping until the snow flies and the seasons shifts.

Ok that is scary but it gets better…

I never thought I bought a lot of clothes but judging from my 5 bags of things that are almost new, I think I’m living in la la land. When I have an event coming up, or really it could be a friends dinner party, or me sitting on my ass, let’s be clear I guess I love to buy clothes. But my method of shopping is erratic.

It consists of me roaring to Winners with an hour to spare, grabbing something that is OK and ‘will do’ but perhaps isn’t fitting quite right or the colour might be a little off, but it’s in my cart and I’m gone. I don’t think it happens too often that I LOVE IT and have to have it. It’s more, well, I want to wear something new, this will be alright, SOLD.

Stylists explain a capsule wardrobe as a small group of items that all work together, that you love to look at, it sparks happiness, and makes you feel great when you have it on so therefore you should never run around in a fit of rage, late for wherever you are going, your husband rushing the kids out of your way because he knows that you are about to erupt.

You mean that isn’t the norm for everyone?

Ok so when I think about this in my own closet, how much of my clothes do this for me? Hmmm, let me think. Well…I mean, I guess um, I have 3 dresses which I really like. Maybe 2 sweatshirts, definitely only 1 t-shirt, 1 bathing suit, jammies I’m plentiful with, ZERO pants, maybe 1 pair of jeans I just bought and probably 1 skirt but it doesn’t quite fit me anymore so I guess 0 skirts.  So what does that leave me with? Up shit creek is what.

A tad jarring when you think about it closely isn’t it? Plus when I factor in that most of these things are summer clothes, I’m left feeling like I need to figure my shit out.

Even today I’m running up near Barrie for an apt. and I’m thinking I should pop into Winners and get a new skirt but no I’m going to think on this more.

I’ve done some research and found a couple really good resources in the links below. The first one was the best example of figuring out how to plan for this. She also was great at defining what this capsule consists of and then building onto it. I like how she recognizes that she is a magpie and has a whole bunch of items in her own closet. Although that would be great, I just don’t have the closet space for anything close to that.

The second video is more me. She has a small space and pulls out the pieces she won’t wear in that season and stores them away. This is something I’ve never done and now that I think about it, prob why I never have anything to wear. Most of my go to items are summer, and if it’s winter, I wear sweat pants and a tee and really who am I kidding, that is yuck.

I love how in the first video she breaks things into 3 categories which really helped me.

1. What is your lifestyle?

2. What is your personal style?

3. What flatters you?

I mean, bells are ringing and I’m thinking why have I never thought about this before?

So if out of all that I realize my lifestyle is freelancer, stay at home comfort, with some prints and girly touches here and there, vee necked shirts and high waisted pants then why is half my ‘winter’ closet party clothes and coats I rarely put on? And why don’t I own a pair of dress pants?

I feel a light bulb sparking on right now. So ok, I’m on it. I’m going to post a photo of my closet from today, during my purging and then of my after, this is going to get interesting….

before…busting out loads of chaos

the purge

all my summer clothes taken out – bye bye cute dresses!

the massive hanger pile – troy is going to be so excited

the after which shocks me how un-colourful I am in the winter…I guess it’s time to shop! No wait, that is the whole point of this exercise…

In the end I have to say I LOVE the purge, I always have and now that I can clearly see what I have for fall, I have a way better idea on what I need. Definitely no sweatshirts.

Happy purging!



Great info on what makes up a capsule wardrobe. She defines the concept very well but that it should be based on your personal style, and also isn’t rigged on getting rid of everything. She’s more about building an incredible base which makes up your capsule and having layers after that which complement it.

Really loved this girls style, how she had minimal space but kept things less rigid number of clothes and more about summer vs. winter style and what she would realistically wear.

More straight laced – very literal on what you need but didn’t mention dresses which I wear a lot of so less relatable to me. But I liked the rules she had.

Summer Stuff

So I’m home after spending a great week with my fam. Well, I suppose ‘great’ is relative these days but any time I have with my mum is time that I love so boom, I’m saying it was great! Plus I got to see some awesome cousins and take my mom yard sale-ing with them, which is my absolute worst nightmare, but they all made it tolerable which is saying a lot for their company! I bonded with my brother in law over chewbacca ring tones, adored my sister for watching my beasts while I conquered the J Crew outlet, and had an actual lunch with Troy that didn’t include hauling 14 coloring books, stickers and yelling at kids to stop bugging other diners … which was heaven.

Finn’s best time of the week was swimming with his second cousin (or third, or like twice removed, or really who can recall how we name kids of cousins?) and Wren was in a haze of polly pocket mayhem (which mom scored for 3 bucks) which was a GOD SEND for keeping her happy.

Got Cliff back from Camp Gunby today, my ‘absolutely grateful I have you to unload my dog on when I have to drop everything and leave town in a flurry friends!’ … and he is obviously currently depressed. I mean a week with 2 other dogs, on a farm, swimming in a pond every day and eating fucking fresh chicken eggs for every meal? I mean, I’m sorta depressed for him, but I’m so happy to hug his stinky body and kiss his equally stinky head.

But today is not about sadness or stinky dogs. It’s about shopping! Summer is right around the corner even though ‘horrible mom me’ sent her kids to school in wee sweat shirts when it was actually 7 degrees out but I told them to just run around the play ground to get warm so it’s all good.

I thought it would be a good post to get me rolling towards some summer purchases and inspiration to put a smile on my face. Here’s to quirky shit that I LOVE which will make me (and hopefully you) share a giggle during a time in which laughter could indeed be the best medicine.

OK so think Disney Land, Wonderland, or hell probably the park … who doesn’t need a little nip now and then when you are knee deep in hangry melt downs, relentless games of ’20 stupid questions’ and surrounded by exhausted, bitchy kids who are SOOOO BORED? A camera flask is a BRILLIANT addition to your summer repertoire. 

camera flask

I’m not sure you noticed but Pineapples are THE high fashion of the summer. I love this print from


Most are aware of my weird decor, but this pillow is my fav thing right now. A wee nudey Hello terrarium…I mean, this is amazing.

Nudey Pillow

I love things that light up. Prob you would get that if you saw the lights on my bed post, my living room mirror, my kitchen chalkboard, my bunkie walls … I guess twinkle lights are my thing. So this lightbox that you can design is like the heavens have opened up for me. You can post what’s for dinner (nothing), make jokes, use for party menus, list drink options, I mean, I love this.

Cinema Lightbox

My ‘buy me brunch‘ jesus tank is one of my go-to clothing options so obviously I would hop back to them, and see some new stuff while figuring out my summer wardrobe. Here are a few I love …


Buy Me Brunch


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.28.25 AM

So let’s not forget to ‘summer up’ your tech. A great resource is Design Love Fest which is one of my gurus and go to site for amazing decor/fashion inspiration. She offers up free wallpapers for your desktop, iPads, phones … whatever, so there is no excuse for a boring white background or pics of your kids. Ok that was harsh but you have enough of them on instagram, there is no need to plaster every device too. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.38.03 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.32.15 AM Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.34.05 AM

If You Can’t Do Something At Least Look Good Doing It

So, what I want to write about this morning isn’t anything at all what I am going to write about. Let’s just say that as a mother, my limits were tested to the breaking point or as I will now coin the term – THE WREN POINT. I was giddy at the bus stop. GIDDY.

Small snippet:

Hi Wren, here’s some banana (screams and yells and spits banana everywhere)

Hey Wren, nose and toes to the wall, time out for you (screams and kicks me for 15 min)

Finn: Mom you are scary when Wren makes you mad. (Sorry Finn – massive guilt kicks in)

Hey Wren (finally able to come to eat) here’s some food, please eat (two bites later, I’m done)

Hey Wren, you’re going to die if you don’t start eating (I WANT TO DIE THEN!)

Hey Wren, this is wasteful (WHO CARES)

Hey Wren, let’s get dressed (NOPE)

Hey Wren, let’s try to pee (FUCK YOU MOM)

… so after dressing a rag doll, brushing teeth on a kid who wouldn’t open her mouth and dragging her to the bus stop this is her final good bye:

“BYE CLIFFORD – I LOVE YOU! (blows kisses and gets on the bus with a smile)”


OK, on to better topics. Clothes!

So a few weeks ago we decided we were going full throttle – a skiing family in the making. Three hills are within an hour from us, and we booked a holiday in Mont Tremblant so it’s time to put yourself out there and break a leg. Joking. I hope.

We took Finn to the Loretto Ski Shop which I have to say was hilarious. A former ski hill, turned ski shop, in the middle of absolute nowhere, in a house. But it was hopin’ and there was a Ski Swap so we outfitted Finn in some used boots. Awesome older guy really knew his stuff. A kijiji stop later and we had skis for him too.

Oh so what do you do next, you drive to Collingwood ‘just to look’ at their ski sale …

Ski Sales Man: So how many times did you ski last year?

Me: Uh I don’t know …

Ski Man: Half a dozen?

Me: Uh … no less then that …

Ski Man: So a couple?

Me: Uh … once?

So obviously seeing someone who cares nothing for money, 1400 later, Troy and I look amazing in our new boots and skis.

Then I read in a mag last night that Gwen Stefani has a line with Burton for Snowboarding gear. Well HELLO, this is my new favourite sport. So I felt it would be nice foray into the season change to plan out some outfit choices for skiing and apres ski – the best part really. We will embrace winter in this frigid country and look amazing doing it!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.04.49 AM

I just need to perfect this angsty glare, then I will fit right in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.06.50 AM

Love this. Whip off that jacket in front of the fire, look at me, I still am awesome under this coat. Plaid meet leopard print meet British invasion.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.08.42 AM

This has been in my cart since last night. Troy tells me we are hunkering and I shouldn’t spend. I say – how can I not?

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.11.51 AM

I’m not fussy on the print near the bottom, but for some reason the stripped cuffs speak to me. Plus it’s a mitt and I think I would do better skiing in a mitt. I’m more mitty then glovey.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.20.47 AM

I’m kinda jazzing on this print..

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.23.13 AM

Mint ski pants – yes please!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.24.39 AM

I’ve found my jacket …

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 9.28.02 AM

These are pretty awesome.

So now I leave you to carry on with my day of quiet bliss but as a parting shot, I will end this post with the song that Troy and I belt out each time we discuss our upcoming ski adventures. It dates us terribly but some of you will be able to relate. I need some gum …