Apples aplenty = less coolness perhaps?

My conundrum this week – which cell phone to get? I have been flip flopping on iphone/blackberry/android…hmmm so many choices. The funny thing is that I never thought I would even consider anything but a mac product…being an avid apple junkie since the first ipod that we bought on ebay and was the size of about 10 current ipods put together. I still have it as I want to show Finn the progression of technology and how old I really am :)

I have numerous ipods, an apple TV, a mac desktop and have been in love with this product for years, so why my hesitation to just get an iphone? This might sound obnoxious, but I think it’s because too many people have them these days. I loved the macs of yesteryear when they were a bit of a novelty. Designers have always used them for the obvious work-y reasons, but not everyone had one and they were deemed a more unique technology that you had to splurge for. Today you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have an apple product, and frankly it has made the novelty wear off for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the company, the brand is phenomenal, and I wouldn’t trade my desktop for anything…but seeing this product being used by EVERYONE has made me cynical.

Plus I think I’m still miffed at Steve for nixing the use of flash on his mobile devices which has put a crink in my flash designing future, but I digress. People who have them, love them, but I’m still not convinced to follow the herd. Maybe I’ll just get a beeper with a belt clip…super awesome :)

Ordinarily Extraordinary

Perhaps it’s hormones but more likely it’s a post pardon hiccup, but every time I see the new coke ad on TV about ‘staying extraordinary’ I feel quite like bawling. Obviously enough, it happens when the nurse comes to check on a new baby and I think to myself…have I ever been that extraordinary? A nurse in the birthing unit compared to a graphic designer…huh…it seems unlikely.

I know we all had pre-conceived notions of what our lives will be like when we ‘grow up’, and I was no exception. I lived in small town PEI and all I wanted was to move to the big smoke and have a super cool job, eat out at great restaurants, and wear really awesome clothes. It isn’t like I wanted to be rich, but I wanted to surround myself with culture, creativity and people who inspire me.

So I can’t say that I didn’t live my goals out..I moved to Toronto with no idea what I was doing, went to a design school, met an incredible circle of friends and had a fantastic time going out and experiencing life. Somewhere along the way I married, got a dog, up and went country, and now have two babes in tow. I have never regretted my decisions moving north of the 905 & having a fam damily because I know there is more to life then that trendy lifestyle we feel we need to have in our twenties in order to be considered cool, but at some points I do question whether I should be doing something more…something out of my comfort zone. At this point I need to reiterate that I LOVE my family, but sometimes you need to vent to stay sane.

I think these moments of reflection are important to keep challenging yourself, but at this stage I feel a little like I’m trapped in a box. And when I try to reflect on my reflection, it scares me. Leggings every day, ponytails, spit up on all my shirts and don’t get me started on nursing bras…so f-ing ugly.  It’s winter which sucks, we’re stuck inside all day, no cute summer dresses, no fresh glow about you aside from the chapstick we plaster on our lips, and don’t forget the hats we shove on our heads ruining all lovely blow dries. Finn (my 3 yr old) is insane and going through a bad whiney phase in which every day is a crap shoot on whether he will fight me on everything or fight me on mostly everything. Wren (my 3 month old) is my little doll but I haven’t had a full nights sleep in about 6 months and Clifford (my dog) is constantly sick as we try new things to help him (new food this week to curb an itch allergy, joint issues, poop issues…never ending), so sometimes when I look in the mirror at the end of the day, I wonder who that sad, haggard looking person is staring back at me.

Upon conversing with Troy last night, who tells me I actually AM extraordinary, I realize that no matter what someone else tells you, a funk is a funk and you just need to wait it out and try your best to not lose your mind. So no, this isn’t a post to inspire, teach a lesson, or even a story with a resolution. I just felt the need to blather on about the crappiness of new motherhood and this stage in my life knowing full well it is temporary, but still sucking in the meantime. All I can say is bring on spring and the next chapter – I am ready!

Wait, I guess there is a message here…suck it coke.

Push Presents: Good or Gayness?

So this topic is quite interesting to me as I have heard so many different opinions. You might be asking, what is a push present exactly…and I am here to tell you! When my friends started popping out kids these last few years, they joyfully showed me some forms of jewelry that their husbands got them post birth and labeled it a ‘Push Present’. A way of saying thanks, I guess, to their wives for all the labor crap they had to endure. I immediately went home and asked Troy why I didn’t get one, and why this was a new concept to me entirely. He replied: that’s because it is gay :)

With my second kid on the way, I have since thought about it some more and jokingly asked him what I was going to get. Now I am never one to say no to a gift, especially if it’s diamonds, but I do think that perhaps that I share in the idea of a made up reason to buy an expensive ‘insert fancy gift here’. I don’t expect Troy to go out and buy me a ring or necklace truly. What I DO expect and appreciate even more, is saving his money and taking me out to eat away from kids, or perhaps hiring a cleaning lady for the first few months, or even saving the cash and ordering a lot of take out seeing as no one is up for meal preparation when you haven’t slept in 3 weeks. I especially appreciate him coming home early from work for the first few weeks, taking the baby and handling bedtimes/bathtimes/anytimes that I need a break and he is ALWAYS stepped up to the plate and been there 100% for me and our first kiddie.

That being said, kudos for Dads who buy these things, but for me it is the little gestures that make the biggest difference. Plus maternity leave is basically a crappy time to buy lots of stuff considering the money situation that dwindles exponentially when we ladies are out of commission. It sounds a little silly of an idea as well in that I don’t understand why I need a necklace once I give birth…lay on a gym membership – now that would be more useful! Happy pushing ladies!

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Do you think 8 jugs of pop is ok…really?

This morning I found myself testing out Walmart to see if it would lower my grocery bill, but really I ended up looking around me and getting so frustrated by my fellow shoppers. Everywhere I looked there was a full cart of crap…any when I say crap I mean, pop, chips, candy, boxed meals and one lady with three cases of kool-aid – what the? Really I could go on but I think you get the picture.

I am no saint, I admit, when it comes to having a sweet tooth; I definitely indulge in my fair share of desserts but I was astonished at the bulk these people were buying at. In front of me at checkout was a relatively obese lady I think I can freely say, and her daughter in the cart. First thing I noticed was the big Ring Pop in her daughters hand which she very proudly showed me and couldn’t wait to hoe into. Second was the eight 2 litre bottles of orange soda, pepsi, cream soda, 7-up yada yada that she was buying. I know because I counted. Perhaps she was buying the pop for a party or because it was on sale, or maybe to ‘save for later’ but it really did seem like it was a weekly supply that she was purchasing and it made me want to swipe the Ring Pop on that little girls finger for a banana.

This got me thinking of childhood obesity and whether things are getting better or worse these days. I sort of assumed that folks were becoming more health conscious as I mentioned at a party recently that I had white buns for lunch and the crowd literally gasped that I wasn’t going whole grain 100%. I did some research and it appears that in the last 25 years, childhood obesity rates in ages 12-17 has more then doubled and it just made me feel very sad for these poor kids. Whether it is the parent’s fault or society or both, it makes me so angry that this is happening when so many little kids are starving in other countries. Finn eats cookies and treats, most deffinitely, but they are just that – treats – and we need to give our kids a fighting chance in this over indulgent society.

I have a close friend who has been battling so many ailments and mysterious diseases this past year and she is just struggling to make it day to day without losing her mind and dealing with the constant pain. When I think of her and how she would probably be so thrilled to go out for a jog, a walk even, but just can’t right now, then I see the lady with the truck load of pop and she is walking just fine (although quite slowly) it makes me wonder why. It seems so un-fair and un-just but I guess such is life and sometimes things just seem off kilter. I wish pop lady luck in getting healthy & having her kids grow up without health scares but I am afraid it will become a bitter cycle of weight gain & pain in that  little girls life. Sigh…

Anyhoo that is my rant of the day so I had better get off my butt and go eat an apple :)

In case you were wondering, Walmart might actually be cheaper for food, but you get sucked into the big box store vacuum and end up buying a bunch of crap you don’t need, skyrocketing your bill. Sobey’s wins yet again!

Designers deserve kudos!

So my hub and I have started to undertake some home renos and by renos I don’t mean we are breaking down walls. It sounds so simple…move a desk into the living room so my office can be our new master bedroom. Sounds simple enough right? I have to admit that as design savvy as I thought I was, and even though I watch design shows daily, it is WAY harder then it looks. I am quite eclectic in my choices of furniture so I can’t just walk into Sears and order up a new room. I have been scouring websites, debating color choices, as well as figuring out the best layout for the room. I am exhausted.

The issue is that we need more closets in there, so do we reno the current closet but quite possible it wouldn’t suit the needs, or do we buy a wardrobe? We went with the wardrobe but now we have to figure out bed placement and with 2 windows and a closet around the tiny room, it is becoming a pain in the arse. We measured 20 times last night and debated placement and I think we finally got it, but my lord I just wanted to give a shout out to all you interior designers out there that you are invaluable at what you do and perhaps it could have saved me a ton of stress to get to where I wanted, but I cheaped out and assumed I was well equipped for the task. We have placed May as disaster month in our house in which we are going to live in chaos while we move things around, re-configure the room, but if it works out I’ll post a shot then. If not, then I will be hiring a designer to fix my mess :)