So this struck me as awesome and probably (most or all) of you will say my behaviour (and fellow fangirls and boys behaviours) are not becoming for a near 40-yr olds, but I when you are a fan, sometimes that fanaticism lasts DECADES and for that I give you all props. The reason this came on was that I got

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my weekly FanExpo email and they announced that they’ve booked the Shining creepy twins to appear at the show and I am like, what? Now THAT would be amazing to see. Such a huge part of cinematic history! But then I thought that someone else might say, who gives a crap after all this time? That person would be my husband, and that is the defining line of our personality types. Shining twins // Everyone who knows me is aware that a huge bucket list activity of mine is to go to comic con in San Deigo and I am sick that I’m not going to YALLfest (young adult book festival) this year to meet some of my literary idols. I follow Nathan Fillion on twitter (@NathanFillion) and I’m completely awestruck by his fans who are still pumped with his stint in Firefly, posting tattoos and amazing tributes to the show. Not to mention that his wit is right up my alley. I was so upset to miss seeing some Buffy cast a few years ago at FanExpo, but I have to give my little kids props for hanging in there for a few autographs when all Finn wanted to do was run screaming from that guy dressed as a super creepy tree in the elevator with us. The stay puft marshmellow man costume made up for it though. I’ve run through costume ideas on what I would dress as when I go to these things, but then I realize that I’m more of an observer and admirer of that level of commitment. So for this post, I’ll keep it short as I salute my fellow fangirls and boys and those twins who manage to still book these shows – bravo! Oh and I had to throw in an old school Buffy shot circa 1994 ish…the good old days.

Buffy Cast