Alright, so I’m here at my mum’s in order to ‘help’ her out during her stint with radiation and my LORD she is not making it easy to dote. I walk in the door yesterday and she has valentines decorations up all over the place… yes already! I mean of corse she does, anyone who knows my mum will smile at that comment and agree that my mother would decorate for St.Paddy’s day even if her doctor told her she was deathly allergic to paper shamrocks.

So I look around and ask her to tell me what she needs cleaning, or what I can cook for her. Why nothing Kelly, just sit down while I make you tea and would you like a cupcake with homemade frosting? Or perhaps I can whip up a complicated soufflé for you!

Uh no, this is why I’m here mum. Nonsense Kelly, my hands aren’t broken, my legs work, it’s only my face that feels like it’s burning from the inside out, no problem!

I tried to help make her bed this morning and I’ve never made a bed so tight and crisp and tucked. Troy wouldn’t be able to get into it, I’m 100% sure.

Last night when I went to my room, she turned down my sheets, and laid a freshly laundered robe at the foot of the bed. I can’t do anything quick enough to warrant my feeling like I’m actually doing anything in this house yet.

So cleaning is out, I could literally eat off her floor. I just did. Kidding. Sort of.

So I made her a boost smoothie this morning…success! Especially after watching her choke down a regular drink last night, it was painful for all of us. She said it was good, unless she was lying and just telling me it was edible, which I’m not sold on her sincerity yet. I then made a potato leek soup for lunch and it was a bust. Too thick. I added in a ton of extra cream and stock but it’s still a paste. Ok 1 out of 2 isn’t bad.

I also just made some chocolate pudding so we’ll see how that rolls down.

I know she will get worse, but I know she is about as stubborn as a moose and wouldn’t dare let anyone see a dirty house. I should know better, but at least I’m here to make fun of her and coerce her to throw out lipstick that she’s had since the 90’s, and I think it helps. It’s what I do best. Well that’s what I tell myself. I’m still not sure why she keeps asking when I’m going home :)

Bathroom valentines stuff //

Yep valentines decorations in the shitter…

shit syrup //

My dad shares my humour…

valentines //

And more decorations!!