The question I ask today is what is so wrong with my internal clock that I can’t seem to relax and sleep when I’m supposed to? Why do I get up every hour, look at the clock, listen for kids, and then lay there unable to get back to sleep secretly hating my husband for snoring so soundly, never waking even when I poke him purposely in my sleep deprived haze.

I don’t think I have slept straight through for about 6 months now what with peeing during the pregnancy every 3 hours, and then with the new babe’s feeding frenzies. Most days I feel like a nap would be like winning a lottery, but then when I get up to feed Wren at 4am, I end up laying there for 2 hours thinking of the dumbest things. Last night I planned out my entire house extension reno…which would be ok if I was actually doing it sometime soon. I even got up this morning and committed it to paper, drawing furniture and all…arg!

This weekend was the first weekend too that Troy did the night feedings as the wee babe is finally on the bottle, which would be great if I didn’t continue to wake up every hour on the hour. Or if he was unable to feed her without her breaking into a freak out and screaming for 10 minutes…but that is another rant…oh I mean story.

I assume I’ll be able to learn how to sleep once again when Wren stops her mid night feedings…but then again, perhaps I should just get used to being up all night and finding cute pictures on the internet. Natalie Dee rocks!