So our labor of love this summer was converting our shed into a cottage/bunkie. Oh, super easy to do, we said. We can do this uber cheap, we said. we’ll get it done in no time at all, we said. So here it is into August and we’ve run out of money (thanks Clifford), went way over budget (thanks Kelly), and it took way longer then anticipated (thanks life).

Home stretch we are in (!!!!), but now comes my job, the best job…decorating. Went to Target this morning and Troy is painting the floor tonight so we hope that by the weekend – we will be able to move in and have a party…well a 2-4 person party as it’s still pretty tiny :)

I have my before pics (below), so the walls are up, trim isn’t done yet, and floor not painted, but there you have it. I’ll get flack for the wall choice, but stay with me on this one, I promise it will look amazing and I’m always right you know.

Bunkie //

Hogan Bunk House //

So let’s start with the party accessories (the most important in any bunk house) – lanterns, lights and fancy straws…we are set! PS, don’t use the straws, they are for show. Joking. Sorta.

balls //

lights //

straws //

Then comes banners, lighting and hooks cause every bunkie needs a million hooks. I’ve been a mooch, I mean, guest, in so many cottages, this has always been my experience, the more hooks the better!

misc //

lamp //

I envisioned the scheme to be pastel and white, very clean and scandi in design. I have tons of things in the house to fill it all up in a heartbeat…hellllloooo jesus head and oodles of booze bottles…I know, shocker that there is some left, but it would appear a little too alcoholic if I started drinking absinthe and jager on a random Tuesday.

By the way I need some strong young guy(s) to carry a couch out of Wrens room with Troy before the weekend…there’s a beer case involved as a thank you… or a bottle of saki (another random liquor bottle), and of corse by then, there will be loads of Potato Fest carnies walking by our house, so another reason for visiting! Let me know if any of your husbands/kids are free, otherwise I will just stalk someone until they help me :)

I’ll post the finals later this week, wish us luck in the final stretch!

kids //

I’m sure I would have bought more had I not needed to cart the kids with me, yippee summer vacation (sarcasm), and of corse to bribe, I mean reward, their patience, we ended the trip with a trip to McDicks.

My shit pumps :)