So last night we decided to test our luck and take Wren to see her first movie – Big Hero 6. I know. Brave. First off, we are so lucky to have a gorgeous movie theatre in Alliston thanks to the wonderful folks who scooped it up a few years ago and transformed it into an amazing film hub. Gone were the cigarette smelly chairs, hello to roof renos, new ceilings, floors, speakers, projectors, bathrooms, lobby and concession area.

They also did a fantastic job with the new brand (of corse this would be my first notice), and marketed it old hollywood style with a deco twist. It’s not everyday that I covet tank tops that have a local movie theatre logo on it, but I do.

Circle Logo

But perhaps one of the most amazing transformations in this place was the recycling initiative. Yes you heard me, recycling. When they reopened in 2012 they made a little video of their evolution which they played before the previews detailing the amazing ideas they have adapted. They sell glass bottles of pop which someone collects from you as you exit the movie. In fact, there is a young hipster standing at the doorways as you exit taking ALL your garbage and putting it into the right bins. They also have implemented the BYOB concept which I love. Bring Your Own Bowl from home and they fill it up with your popcorn for a ridiculously low fee. And on Dec 10, they will kick off the BYOM phase (Bring Your Own Mug) so for a buck you can fill up your cup and off you go. I’m a nerdy old person so I always order coffee, and they brew me a fresh pot each time with local dairy milk.

They also have its very own TIFF Film Group, titled ‘ON SCREEN @ THE CIRCLE’, that runs the fourth Sunday of every month. MM you would love it :) ON SCREEN is a non-profit group bringing outstanding films to Alliston to educate and entertain the audience while raising money for local charities.

Anyways, the most important point of this was did Wren freak? Did I have to leave mid way through? Did they spill my tupperware of popcorn all over the place? Did they annoy everyone around us? No, she LOVED IT!

I always feel so comfortable nestled in the big chairs, like we’re in our living room, with lots of space for the kids to stand and not annoy people, it’s fun and easy and the best part was the kids asking to come again to the movies today so well done Circle!

So on that note I’ve made yet another list of reasons to I love the Circle Theatre:

1. It’s 3 minutes drive from my house. Not an exaggeration. If we walk, it’s 3 blocks. Sold.

2. The logo :)

3. For a family of 4, including skittles and popcorn, it was under $30. You heard me. $28 to be exact. It costs us $65 just to have dinner and Swiss Chalet.

4. They  have booster stools in the shitter so my my kids can stand on them and wash their hands. Perhaps not a big deal you might think, but ever try to lift a kid, pushing them against the sink, while you stretch their arms for the soap, then have to hold them up as they dangle precariously so they can rinse their hands? It’s a big deal.

5. The outside renos truly made downtown Alliston a better looking place. Gentrification noted.

Pre movie round up: jammies on.

Pre Movie

Baymax mayhem.