Hey all, so this will probably only be relevant to the small group who’s read Fall From Grace, but I finally started to write again on book 2 and thought I would share a few lines from it. Enjoy!

I’ve replayed this scenario a hundred times before. Long lost parental reappears with a fantastic story of kidnapping, CIA top secret mission, long-term insomnia – the list went on and on – I can be quite creative if I want to be. A wonderful story told with tears in her eyes, explaining

the entire absence away, violins playing a heart wrenching montage in the movie of the week. A story she had no control over, no way to escape until that fateful day she finally found me. Yup, I’ve thought this through so many times, I can almost hand her a script.

This woman standing in front of me with no tears, no explanation wasn’t what I was expecting on this random Tuesday. Nope. You see folks, a few months ago my life kinda went from Ho-Hum to OMG. From a normal, coffee drinking, too much texting, high schooler; to a fantastical demon with incredible powers that other supernatural crazies want to consume from me. Literally.

From no guy, to THE guy. From girl next door looks with the occasional embarrassingly placed pimple, to Holy Hell where did those boobs come from sex pot. Ok sex pot is pushing it, but my boobs did actually grow a half a cup size I am almost sure of it. Life was simple then. Safe. But incredibly dull.

The moment Asher Grey walked into that cafeteria was the moment it all changed for me. Some good, some great, some hellishly nightmarish. But standing here face-to-face with HER, I’m at a loss. A complete verbal void. In the back of my mind I am thinking of how annoying it’s going to be in an hour when I come back with an amazing comeback line that I’ll never be able to deliver.