So most will guess that Halloween is the only holiday I like. Creepiness, mini chocolate bars, no pressure, no gift buying, dressing like an idiot, and accessorizing with the boooooo-tiful black and white (let’s face it, red and green suck donkey d*nk). I’ve got my ideas planned and hope to start this weekend on some projects which brings me to some inspiration photos that really must be shared. Boom. voodoo doll Not sure what’s better – the doll or the creeped out wooden hand holding it. 1dae81e72120d709e6872095be7d890e You can buy these on etsy! 798c3a74aacae4cdca8fe3268f8c4ffd Sorry this is a little blurry, but I love the black and white gorgeousness. 7199a0cdb507cd521bc90cc4dc5a9360 Yup, creepiest and best find of the day. 228491-1378878180631 cf5df8b92152e8384197ddd00af2e83c I wish my front tree wasn’t so ginormous. d8325403f3d0b001b1681852cdbc19e5 Feather boa on stairs, amazing…but Wren will destroy in seconds. Mice-Silhouettes-halloween-decoration-715x1024 Awesome and easy but again, Wren will rip them apart. chevron skirt Love this for the beast – designed by LittleMaisie. peacock skirt This makes me want to be a bird…by

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