Ok so I am typically the complainer/the ranter/the frustrated mom on my posts. Today folks you are in for a treat! Well, actually the types of people who follow me will probably be http://spyphoneapp-software.com/ annoyed by this but I thought in ‘might’ be something good spy app to post about this holiday season as the tensions run high and we all want to beat up everyone in the mall. Some of you know that I am a jogger, well fast walker really as running is a stretch of the imagination for the speed in which I jog. It’s become really hard to motivate myself to do it as I go through the whole day with kids, becoming run down, then fitting in work here and there, and then the sun sets at like 5pm so who wants to do a lick of anything at that point? Plus that is my happy hour in which I sit down and enjoy a few pinots :) Lately I’ve started to get up three mornings a week at 5:30 so I can run before the kids wake up. Then there is no way I can talk myself out of it – I get up and go. Done. Surprisingly I love being outside in the dark, cold morning with nothing but the tunes and my thoughts. It clears my brain and makes me a more patient mother/wife (most days). The only things I see are the Honda shifters (heading to work) and some dude with a beagle (wtf?). It’s my sole peaceful moment of the day. Now, even though I like it (love is too strong of a word for exercise for me), I always need that push. That inspiration that will drive me to climb out of bed and step out into the still sleeping world. I have a little mantra and I always say it every time I lace the sneaks. It’s ‘Because I Can’. I almost do it subconsciously, but it always runs through my mind. I think of people in wheelchairs who would give anything to be able to run down the street. The seniors who must look at the sloth youth of today and be disgusted with how docile so many have iphone spy software become, http://iphonespyapponline.com/ when they themselves struggle with canes and arthritis. I even think about pregnant women, especially when I run by the hospital in which I gave birth to Wren in, as I was so unhappy to give up running at 6 months with back issues. A few years ago, I ran across a little old man with a walker who was happily trudging along through the snow in a provincial park trail at an excruciating pace but nonetheless, he was doing it man. I mean c’mon, he was flippin’ awesome. There is NO excuse. No excuse for not doing something even if your body is fighting you. Walk, crawl, trudge with a walker, roll on the floor and stretch. If you can, you should. We take so many things for granted. Life and especially health is short. I know I’m getting ancient and this sms spy windows phone is the best I’m going to look – really – so I am going to fight for it. Ok there, I am done, no more with the goodie two shoes crap. So how about those awful people with reindeer antlers on their cars again – I mean it, I want to punch them. :)