A long running point of contention in my life is this one statement. I use it on Troy all the time. I would love to yell it to people in coffee shoppes. I feel it is making people socially inept, annoying, and uninteresting. BE PRESENT.

I’m talking iphones, smartphones, ipads…anything that you are sitting there reading or poking your fingers on while you are supposed to be talking to me, or playing with your kids, or I don’t know, actually living instead of reading about what other people are doing.

On Canada Am this morning, these guys were on who are living a solar summer – Sustainable Joes –  and one of them said something that really stuck with me: Powering down technology enables them to be fully engaged in their tasks. They can play guitar, write…they feel alive and I think that is an extremely important message.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love TV, I love tweeting, I love creeping people on facebook and making fun of them…joking, sorta. I blog and I love my computer. But when I am with friends or family, the only time I get my phone out is if I am taking a picture. The last thing I want to do at dinner with actual people is look around while they tell everyone else on facebook where they are, or what they are eating. Who gives a Fuck?

Troy and I made a conscious decision to not buy an ipad for our kids, I want Finn to get the crap outside and do something with his time. I want him to be able to imagine, I want him to play sports, I want him to bug me all day because I am stupid enough not to have bought him an ipad. Did I say that out loud?

Ok seriously, I allow him TV time when he’s tired, no problem, however on the whole, we make him go outside and be a kid. I really don’t think a lot of kids nowadays have any personal skills at all and this pisses me off. Troy made a great point and I think of it often when we struggle with Finn and Wren poking us all day, but he said that it’s the people who can be thrown into a group social situation and thrive that are successful in this world. You can be as book smart as you want, but if you can’t engage with an interviewer and show some sort of personality you will be passed over. Plain and simple.

Originally this post was about the environment as I sit here powered down except for my computer, but I think I’m more pissed off about the other point so I rambled. Just try and remember this when you are having coffee with a friend. The last thing they want to do is look at the top of your head while you type a message to someone else.