Hello all! Greetings from the fair Isle of Grand Bahamas! I am sitting here enjoying the view of the ocean that is only about 3o feet from our porch at our beach house, panicking that we are leaving in two days! I know, hate me now. Unfollow the blog, that sounds super dick-ish :) So I do have some pics to share but prob won’t download them until I get home, assuming that my computer will be working as the hard drive completely fried up the day before we left. Good times.

Regardless, I left that stress behind and here I am, 8 days later, and unable to fathom putting on boots in two days.

Anyhoo, we’ve discovered some interesting points about this country which I thought would be good to chat about to you fine folks.

1. Most importantly, wine is like double the price! So we are broke :)

2. You drive on the left, but the drivers side is still on the left too – whaaaaa?

3. After two days you start talking like the Bahamians where you you drawl out your words and probably (no, definitely) sound like a tit when you say “Let’s do it up Bahaaaaaaamian Style!”

4. Watermelon is like 11 bucks!

5. Wine is double the price!

6. The Bahamians LOOOOVE their mac and cheese. Although it is prepared as a bake, and sliced up like bread. Not a great fan.

7. Conch is basically calamari.

8. No recycling, so every time I throw out garbage I felt immense guilt and wrongness.

9. You start drinking at like 9am.

10. Good thing is, you are in bed at 7:41 (that wasn’t me at all).

So I bid you adieu, as I am about to head to the beach for our morning walk…yes, hate me now :)