Every September I get this feeling. The desire for something new, something exciting, some kind of reinvention. Sure it’s easy to change your hair color – my appointment is tonight so we’ll see what Lisa does to me, but it’s really always been about doing some creative, or something that challenges me – at least I try to. The last few years, September has morphed into just making it to the next month, with young kids and trying to remain on top of the day to day boring things. But I think this year I really have to be proactive and get my ducks in a row. So I’ve decided to write my dun dun dah… To-Do list!

So things I want to work on:


I’m finally going to get off my ass and chronicle some funny stories in a facebook bio. I’ve been told to do this. I’ve been told to write about what you know. So there, I’ve been told. Whether it will be something I publish, or something I keep on hand so my kids can see what a lax and strange mother I was, I’m not sure. I’m also going to finish book 2 in my Falling from Grace series. This is more my labor of love. I could write this everyday but I suppose making money is important to some people, so it will be hard to make time for it, but make time I will! For my 5 fans, I will finish it for you :) Hugs to you all.

I have a few short stories that I’ve wanted to pen to paper for a number of years now too. Especially the one where we picked up Clifford from the doggie daycare and brought him home, except it wasn’t Clifford and we brought home some other doodle by the name of Bear which we didn’t even notice until day two. Yup, some of you will recall this adventure for Clifford and I think I had better write it down before my memory is ruined.


I’m going to run a few promotions for my graphic/web business, blog way more, and really focus on building the Freshly Hatched brand. I haven’t decided on a plan yet, namely because I decided this, this morning, but it’s going to be HUGE. Well, it’ll be cool at least. I’ve also been toying with the idea of developing a t-shirt line, but that could take a wee bit of planning so we’ll see.


I have a list a mile long of things I want to do and now that the kiddies are older I ‘think’ I might actually do them. I know – rejoicing all around. Like actually decorating for the holidays without a white trash theme of crappy garland and half assed giraffe lights. Yes Troy we are not illuminating the tree this year as it just looked like a multi colored giraffe in our yard. I’m going to do up my porch for the seasons and actually increase my property value. I mean score one for us this year seeing as we’ll actually HAVE a porch instead of an open hole on the front of the house for 4 months. I have painting to do, an illuminated neon ‘H’ from a vintage sign to find, I need to finally finish my bedroom art project of framing at least one picture of my kids, and if money permits, we will turn the shed into a bunkie for guests by the spring – fingers crossed. Oh and my first item would be to FINALLY put in a bookcase upstairs so that my beloved series’ aren’t scattered all over the floors and piled up the walls. Yes organization will be sexy!

So there you have it. There is my grand scheme in printed word. I’m going to have to re-read this in a few months to kick my procrastinating ass in gear, but at least I’m starting out with a ton of focus.

I leave you with a cool print that I think will inspire the masses. You can buy this lovely item at fab.com.

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