My┬áconundrum┬áthis week – which cell phone to get? I have been flip flopping on iphone/blackberry/android…hmmm so many choices. The funny thing is that I never thought I would even consider anything but a mac product…being an avid apple junkie since the first ipod that we bought on ebay and was the size of about 10 current ipods put together. I still have it as I want to show Finn the progression of technology and how old I really am :)

I have numerous ipods, an apple TV, a mac desktop and have been in love with this product for years, so why my hesitation to just get an iphone? This might sound obnoxious, but I think it’s because too many people have them these days. I loved the macs of yesteryear when they were a bit of a novelty. Designers have always used them for the obvious work-y reasons, but not everyone had one and they were deemed a more unique technology that you had to splurge for. Today you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have an apple product, and frankly it has made the novelty wear off for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the company, the brand is phenomenal, and I wouldn’t trade my desktop for anything…but seeing this product being used by EVERYONE has made me cynical.

Plus I think I’m still miffed at Steve for nixing the use of flash on his mobile devices which has put a crink in my flash designing future, but I digress. People who have them, love them, but I’m still not convinced to follow the herd. Maybe I’ll just get a beeper with a belt clip…super awesome :)