I’ve always been a stanch apple supporter. Love the products. They’re cool, intuitive, lovely and functional…until icloud. I don’t know if this is the issue, or we’ve finally grown with too many products for it to be easy anymore, but this EFF-ing password issue is making us all crazy. I don’t know why it always happens but last night as I lay in bed, reading and relaxing, I was stirred by the all too familiar sound of ‘F*CK! MAC F*CKING SYUCKS!” from the living room. Troy sat frustrated with the need to create yet another password for us in order to log into his email/itunes or whatever he was trying to log into. I don’t know if we are typing it in wrong, but it just seems to frig up on us EVERY SINGLE TIME we use it, so we end up with yet another password. Grrrrrrr.

Another issue is the update to iphoto which has royally f*cked up all my events and albums. Nothing is in a timeline anymore and suddenly my iphone pics are missing huge gaps of shots, but keeping others. I hope somehow they are in the iphoto and just downloaded and deleted off my phone, but I can’t be sure as I can’t find anything at all on iphoto any more. Double Grrrrrr.

I mean I still like my cell but this whole windows interface is super cool and I’m really digging that smartphone in the gwen stefani commercial. Sorry I lack the ability to differentiate between phones, just the celebs who endorse them.

Another issue lately is itunes¬†inability¬†to recognize my little ipod that I use to run with as it clips on my shirt. Yup, have no idea, but it’s not showing up when I plug it in anymore so I have to run holding a god damned ipod. It f*cking sucks.

Oh and the apple TV is screwing us as well to the point we just stopped using it except to watch movie trailers. I mean c-mon, get your crap together whoever took over Steve Jobs job, before you lose us to the dark side of microsoft :)