So I have a lovely event I am attending Friday and I literally have nothing nice to wear. I mean, I have a 420.00 dress I wore to Anna’s wedding last year but after one wash it didn’t translate into something that is too special – hence the 20 bucks. So I jump in the car this morn bright and early so I don’t miss much work time and roar to Barrie for a 20 second shopping trip before running back home. So when I got to Barrie, it was fucking snowing. Like blizzard snowing. Like insane cause I was wearing my riding boots and I was like, NOOOOO they can’t get wet! Plus I have no winter tires and no wind shield washer fluid – fun.

This got me thinking, as I turn a corner on a roundabout sliding towards the concrete median, but not willing to go home, I mean I need something to wear, but it got me pondering my life and how I am basically running through it. Blind and ill prepared. My car is a filth pit, even Finn asks everyday if we are going to get it cleaned. I have a good 4 loads of laundry piled up on any given day. I am so far behing on Arrow (like January) that I wonder if I ever will watch it, but think, of corse – the summer TV slow down is coming. For SURE I’ll catch up then. Plus I am oh about 13,000 clicks over my last oil change. Anyone else feel like I am a disaster, or do you think – yes me too!

My parents always shake their heads at Troy and I as we coast through the week, unable to get shit done, as they constantly remind me to get that oil change, fix the cars shocks, to hang clothes on the clothes line, clean out the shed, buy some javex cause it’s the only cleaner that really works…etc etc… Uh thanks but I always get it on my clothes and ruin them, plus my mother keeps bleaching out my tea towels when she comes and I have to go buy new ones. I’ll stick to the generic lysol wipes cause they are so fast and easy. I’m sure my mom is like – but they are soooo expensive and if you bought javex, it would last you forever! I’m aware that we are of a generation that chooses easy over frugal. I get it and I agree with my mother, but I just don’t have the time.

I think it must be really hard for older generations to see such unprepared people making it through life, in charge of two kids, who barely able to remember to take out the garbage. I see countless pinterest boards and I am like – I love it! But who am I kidding, who has the time for that? Perhaps we’re too selfish these days to spend more time on house stuff, or perhaps we choose to avoid the idea that leaving an oil change for so long could damage the car (balderdash). Who knows. I think it’s a mixture of lives being WAY too busy, and for me chronic procrastination. I know I should paint my hallways, but I’d rather write a chapter in my book, have a nap, or curl up and read all day long. I’m not going to spend my entire day cleaning my house when I can do a ‘surface’ clean and spend the afternoon having cocktails with the neighbours. Selfish? Perhaps. Terribly ill prepared? Definitely.

I wish there were more hours in the day. I wish I didn’t have to sleep, especially when inspiration strikes. I wish I could slow down and take better care of myself, but then again, where’s the adventure in that? So I’ll sign off cause I should be working, I should be doing laundry, I should be cleaning, I should be writing, I should be walking Clifford, I should be doing a zillion other things. But I’m not :)